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January 23, 2013 in Uncategorized

23 January 2013

I’ve been house, pet and teen sitting in a small town on the Cape West Coast.  It’s really lovely here.  I’ve seen so many beautiful things and experienced things I never experience in the city.

I love going to coffee shops, have coffee and read.  Here I don’t really have the opportunity to sit and read, ‘coz  I sat chatting to other patrons or the owner!  In the city you’ll never get that.

Taking care of the household activities isn’t anything to get excited about, as you know.  It’s the usual boring stuff of cooking and cleaning and feeding the pets.  What is nice though, is that I’m able to go for walks.  Sunset in the Western Cape coastal area is quite late – way after 20h00, so in the evenings I can easily take the dog for her walk at about 20h00 and be back before dark.  I feel safe too

I went to look at the flamingos on the marsh on Monday.  They are lovely.  It’s so peaceful to sit in the bird hide out hut and look at the birds.  I often think that what I’m having at the moment, is what people with a mental illness really need.  Of course we all need the peace and quiet from time to time, but I believe that people with a mental illness can benefit from this atmosphere, this kind of lifestyle.  It’s healthy and the inner peace is awesome.


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  1. Wow that looks idyllic! Enjoy every minute!

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