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Comment moderation and e-mail notifications

July 10, 2012 in Health

Hi guys,

A lot of you have not been receiving any e-mail notifications for comments, new friend requests etc. Please check your Spam Box in your e-mail, it seems the notifications are going there. If you have a Gmail/Yahoo (or any other kind of online email account), click on the tick box and mark it as “Not Spam”. It should show up in your inbox from now on. If you’re not, then add “” to your e-mail address book and it won’t be marked as Spam anymore

Comment moderation

The reason for comment moderation is so that you have control over the comments on your blog and you don’t have do deal with trolls, nastiness or spam but you can turn this feature off if you want to. Hover over My Sites at the top of the page –> [YOUR BLOG NAME] –> Dashboard. Once you’re there click on Settings (left side column) –> Discussion –> “Before a comment appears”.

If the 2nd box is ticked it means you’ll only have to approve a comment from a user once then all other comments after that won’t need approval. The 1st box is to approve every, single comment that comes in.

Hope this helps! Thanks to everyone for soldiering through the transition, we know it seems a bit complicated so we’re here to answer any of your questions if you need us.

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