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How to add a SUBSCRIBER button to your blog

July 12, 2012 in Health

Hi bloggers,

Here is a simple wiki to take you through loading up a ‘subscriber’ button to your blog. Now, anyone can receive notification of your recent posts :-)

Step 1 – Go to your dashboard, ‘Pages’ and click on ‘Add new’. (see screen shot below)

Enter ‘Subscribe’ into the header space. Then press the ‘S2′ button in bright yellow on the menu bar – this will insert the subscriber form into your page. See screen shot below.

Step 2
Go to your Dashboard. At the bottom of your dashboard menu (down the left hand side), there is a section marked ‘Subscriber2′.
Click on ‘Settings’. See screen shot below.

Step 3
You will get to this page. See below screen shot.

Step 4
Scroll down to get to ‘Appearance’. TICK the ‘Enable Subscriber2 Widget’ button. See screen shot below.

Scroll down and click on ‘Submit’. See screen shot.

Go back to your widgets screen. The Subscriber2 widget will be there. Drag it across to the right hand widgets column. Complete it to your relevant needs. See screen shot below.

You are DONE!

Now go back to your blog. LOG OUT and see your subscriber button in all it’s glory! See screen shot below.

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