Groin Pain, Gammy Legs and a Great Dog Story!

March 26, 2013 in Uncategorized

When clients hear that I used to work in magazines they often ask if I miss the glitz and glamour of media.   That usually makes me chuckle because in my Body Stress Release practice seeing the body’s incredible healing potential is so rewarding it’s glamorous enough for me!

This month I’ve decided to share with you a handful of success stories from the past few months – each day I’m reminded of our body’s remarkable ability to bounce back to balance when the nervous system starts to optimise. So, for those of you battling with back ache, headaches, random pain, sporting injuries, fatigue, disease and distress … if you take only one lesson away with you today may it be to trust that your body does have the ability to restore itself when given an adequate chance!

An Athlete with headaches, groin and hip pains

An ex-professional sprinter and cycling enthusiast came to me with a stiff back, shooting pains into the thighs, groin and hips as well as numb fingers and daily headaches.  He also suffered from heartburn and his knees ached.  He was hoping to get back into running again and wanted to start training but he felt like his body was totally broken. He wasn’t making any headway with his training, and each new day he seemed to wake with a new ache or pain.  In time he was able to return to the track <read his story>

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Lucy The Daschund … straight from the owner’s mouth:

“In January our 9 year old female dachshund, Lucy, started having back problems. Her back would go into a spasm causing her pain and limiting her mobility. We were in quite a panic because we had to put our male dachshund, Frankie, to sleep a year ago with the same problem. We were devastated.

We visited the vet a few times and the vet prescribed muscle relaxant/pain pills and did an X-ray. We were told that she might have a slipped disk and that they would need to do an MRI, but since the MRI is very expensive we decided to see if the pills would help.

After the third vet visit the vet gave us a week – if Lucy didn’t get better and they didn’t operate, she would have to be put to sleep. Lucy was given more pills. (We could not afford to pay +-R13 000 for an operation)

I had previously been to see Sarah for a few BSR sessions and decided to ask her if she could work on Lucy.  Lucy went for her first BSR session in February and after just two sessions we could see a noticeable difference. Lucy had a total of four BSR sessions and she improved remarkably, by the 4th session she had no sign of pain or discomfort – and it actually looked as if she was looking forward to her BSR!

It’s now a few months later and Lucy is running around, playing with the puppy and enjoys her walks in the park, and the vet is thrilled with her progress.  Lucy got a second chance, thanks to Body Stress Release”.
Lucy’s Owners: Lyndall Blake & Janine Morris

What is Body Stress Release

Unfortunately we often don’t realise how much stress our bodies are functioning under.  Most of us just accept daily aches and pains as part of the norm and put it down to getting older.   How many of you wake up with a stiff back, sore neck, numb fingers or a dull sinus headache which seems to pass when we get up and move around?  Or how about those nasty calf cramps that sneak up on you at night, burning toes while cycling or that sudden knee pain that comes on when jogging?

All of these effects including others like Indigestion, heartburn, constipation, hormonal imbalances and fatigue are signs that the body is not adapting adequately to stress and in time you could start to see more serious effects starting to manifest. There are some basic things we can do to alleviate stress such as meditation, breathing techniques, moderate excercise, proper planning and scheduling in adequate relaxation time.  But lets face it, most often we start of the year wtih great intentions and find that things have fallen by the way side by Easter!

Look out for my next blog on Ergonomics where I will give you some simple meaty tips on setting on your workstation correctly to avoid the regular repetitive upper back and shoulder stress office workers tend to suffer with.

For further information on the BSR Technique and success stories see

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  1. Those are very interesting stories! Poor Lucy, well done for helping her! The body is a fascinating thing!! :)

  2. The body is amazing, and what I always find interesting is how quickly animals (and babies) responwhen in pain d when the body’s nervous system starts to restore. I suspect it’s because they listen to their body and they rest and recover … versus us adults who tend to “push through the pain” or numb it down with medication … Just shows you, if you allow your body the time to heal and bounce back, it will come back stronger!

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