Weight-loss – not as easy as you’d think!

January 27, 2010 in Uncategorized

FitnessDoc has written three article so far, debunking certain myths about exercise and weight-loss and explaining others. You can read them here.


They really are worth a read – and although at first they might seem a bit technical to us non-scientist buffs, I generally find that if you go back and re-read them a little slower they will start to make more sense and you’ll find yourself going “Oh yeah…”. Well, at least that’s what I find myself doing, you might be a little more discreet in your realisations!


The overall point he’s making is that exercise does help weight-loss. But it’s not as simple as just getting on a treadmill for 45 minutes a day. It’s got to do with how hard you work in the 45 minutes – and more importantly, what you do the rest of the day and what you put in your mouth.


But before you get too despondent at how complex your body is and how everything works together to either get rid of stuff or hold onto it, take a deep breath, re-read the article and you’ll soon see that there is not only a light at the end of the tunnel, but a whole new lighter you!


Right, that’s my motivation for the day, I’m off to torture myself with the second of the Cape Trail Series. Need all the encouragement and positive thoughts y’all can muster though cause it turns out I read the instructions wrong and what I had hoped was the 9km race today is actually 11.5km. Which is one and a half more km’s of torture than last week.


Oh joy! :-(


Will let you know how it went tomorrow if I make it – since my fingers will probably be the only things on my body still working by then….*positive thinking, positive thinking, positive thinking*

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  1. I absolutely agree on all tips, but it’s ecaiseplly important to find help! It’s very hard to find the motivation AND determination to bring you to your goal in your weight loss journey. It is so much easier, when you have someone guiding you every step of the way, someone you should be accountable to and someone that can tell you that it’s ok, if you fall off the horse. We sometimes tend to think that it’s the end of the diet, if we do cheat, but one thing I learned through my health coach, Belinda, is that it sets you back a few days and you CAN get right back to it. You owe it to yourself to finally get healthy and live the life you’ve always wanted. Stop procrastinating and make the first step!

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