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Time to hit the road again

March 29, 2010 in Uncategorized


Hello again everyone, I know it’s been a while but I have just returned from honeymoon and am now ready to get back (fitness-wise) to where I was before.

It’s been three weeks since I have had a proper run, and although I did attempt to run on honeymoon, it really wasn’t ideal and I must say my motivation was lacking.

However, I am not in a bit of a pickle because before I went all crazy and went off to get married, I signed up for the Two Oceans Trail Run… which is THIS WEEKEND!!! Actually it’s THIS FRIDAY!!!


So now, having done pretty much no running apart from a few feeble attempts and with no exercise other than a few mountain hikes (got bitten by a spider too, very exciting!), I am not sure I will manage it.

Also, Aimee has gone off to Indonesia with her boyfriend for a whole month so if i do run it, I will be doing it all on my lonesome – if you don’t count the other 799 strangers and their closest friends, fans and family. :-)

It’s very daunting.

But, I set myself a target and I must do it, so this afternoon I am hitting the gym again to see just how much fitness I have lost in the past few weeks and just how much damage all those romantic dinners have done! Yikes…

The only thing I’m thinking is that I might as well do it – i paid for it and the worst that can happen is that I walk a lot of it, but at least walking is better than nothing right? Right?? Some encouragement is desperately needed….

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