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Barefoot running

April 30, 2010 in Uncategorized

Did anyone read FitnessDoc’s article on barefoot running recently? It’s really interesting, and only part one of a five-part series he’s doing for us on the subject.


I can’t say I have given much thought to running barefoot though, at least not until the subject became such a hotly contested one in the media. Running without shoes seemed such a pointless thing to do – I mean why run barefoot when you are still paying off those R900 Nike’s, right?


Well apparently there’s more to it than that. It’s all terribly scientific and since FitnessDoc has a degree in all that I won’t even attempt to set foot in the muddy water that is the barefoot running debate.


However, if you would like to know more about it, I strongly suggest you keep an eye out for his future installments. I would love to hear what you guys have to say about the topic as well! For me though, my trusty old running shoes that protect my tootsies from everything I run so blithely over including doggy doo and sharp stones, I doubt I’ll be joining the barefoot running club anytime soon…

Is anyone doing any cool races this weekend? I was going to attempt the VWS 10km trail run but alas I haven’t… and just as well cause I haven’t really done much running in the past few weeks. I have tried at the gym but for some reason my calves seize up and I can’t run on the treadmill at all. It really hurts too much. Which is weird cause the opposite is usually true for most runners.


I am also going through a rather clumsy stage at the moment so I haven’t been ABLE to run for a while. I was walking into a restaurant and my shoes went one way and I went the other – down about 10 stairs. OW!

Then i stubbed my toe last week on the couch and I have a nasty feeling I might lose my little nail… and then a few minutes after that I kicked the wall outside with the back of my heel (don’t ask me how, I have a rather strong suspicion I might be out to get myself though). 


So apart from normal gymming I have steered clear of anything that might require any form of coordination or balance. Clearly it’s a bit of a grey area that needs some attention!


By the way, have you been following us on Twitter and Facebook? Please do! I am in charge of the updates so I promise to keep them interesting! And suggest our Facebook page to your friends too – we can be the gift that keeps on giving (health advice that is!) :-)



Two Oceans trail run

April 6, 2010 in Uncategorized

Well I did it – despite my many concerns I managed to haul myself out of bed at 5.30am on Easter Friday and get to UCT for the Old Mutual Two Oceans Trail Run. And I finished it… which at a few points during the race was not always a certainty!


When I woke up it was very misty on my side of town and rather chilly so I was a bit apprehensive about the weather, last thing I wanted was to run through a forest in the dim light with rain threatening! But by the time the race started it was a bit lighter and it turns out the misty cloud was actually quite low because after the first 15/20 minutes we were above it and there were blue skies.


When I got to UCT I couldn’t believe how many people there were, it was awesome. I have also never been to UCT before as I studied in Joburg but wow, it’s amazing. Such beautiful old buildings and it seems to have such a presence. And with the mist and the fact it was so quiet on the roads it was rather eerie and mystical.


The race got off to a good start, thankfully the 18km racers were on a different path from us and they’d also separated the 8km fast runners from the slow ones (no prizes for guessing which group I opted for!). However while we all got riled up and took off all enthusiastically, there were quite a few bottle-necks which slowed us all down a bit.


The race was really tough though, there were a LOT of uphills and they were very steep to the point where I had to use my hands to push off my legs just to keep moving. There was also a lot of boulder-hopping which is not my strong point.. and at one point on a uphill we ran through a stream of water (running down the hill towards us) and my shoes and socks were soaked through… and as a girl it’s not in our nature to head straight for the muddy path and stomp right in it getting our shoes wet. So that was a bit icky but after two minutes I didn’t even notice!


Unfortunately I got stuck behind some women who were doing their first trail run and were rather nervous and taking it very slowly, but it was on a part of the course where it was impossible to overtake so I had to wait behind them for a while which slowed me down. Not that I’m particularly fast of course, but still. :-)


At one point though I ran past a guy who had collapsed on the ground and while he seemed lucid and had water we called the marshalls and they called paramedics. I assumed he’d just had enough but read this morning on he had actually had a heart attack and was in hospital. Thankfully he is fine, but it’s quite an eye-opener considering he was relatively young and clearly fit.

I hope he makes a full recovery.


The marshalls on the course were wonderful as well, there were lots of them and they were all very encouraging and cheerful and helpful. Actually the whole thing was very well organised and executed. The only bit of discontent I heard from other runners who had finished the race was that there were no medals for everyone who finished. It’s not a big concern to me as that is not why I do it (and I only have a collection of one medal anyway), but apparently it’s a big deal to everyone else.


Anyway, after I managed to break away I ran the rest of the way which might sound terribly courageous but I have to admit it was mostly downhill :-)

It was awfully invigorating as well, because I had finally found my mojo and felt quite strong by then. Although I think my legs might have just been pleased that there were no more uphills and the end was near.


So i finished with a time of 1 hour 21 minutes which isn’t too bad. The last 8km race I ran was on the Cape Summer Trail Series and that one was not only MUCH easier (and pleasant) but I had also been training properly and running more and I did that in 1 hour 10 minutes. So considering I hadn’t trained much or run that far in a few weeks I am pretty chuffed with myself.


That being said however, it’s now time to get seriously back into training methinks…


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