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Manmaker’s: jiggly bits, you have been warned!

August 31, 2010 in Uncategorized

After almost two months at Cape CrossFit I really thought I had seen it all. Yet some might argue that after two months I should have realised that this is just the beginning…


This morning’s class was definitely one of the hardest I have done there. It started out all sweet and unassuming with some time with the skipping rope (FYI, double under’s – JUST NOT HAPPENING), then did some deadlifts which aren’t so bad.

Tough, but not terrifying.


No, the terrifying part came after that when Roland showed us what a Manmaker’ is…

Y’all know how much I love burpees, right? So this is a modified burpee with weights and some other nasties thrown in there for good measure. Gawd-damn!!!!

Take a look at this video. Then imagine you had to do 30 of those.




It was very hard and even though I was only using 5kg weights I really battled after the first five or so. By the last 5 I was stuffed and just getting the dumbbells above my head was a small victory.

That is one mean exercise, but I can only imagine it works really well because every limb and muscle is tired afterwards. Evne now my arms are tired and it’s a good six hours since the class finished.


One thing is for sure though, anyone wanting to get rid of their bingo wings – this is the way! You’ll have those jiggly bingo wings heading for the hills before you finish your first set!


Another thing it sent heading for the hills was a lingering migraine which I’d had all weekend. Started on Saturday which put paid to any aspirations I had to do the Atlantic Harriers race that morning, which I was really bummed about. :-(

Oh well, there are PLENTY of races coming up in October so best I get some manmakers in before then and I’ll be tearing across the finish line like a little ginger streak of light. Or something like that……Cool

Rope burn and handstand push-ups… oh yeah!

August 26, 2010 in Uncategorized

I’m gonna have a lot of explaining to do if this morning’s CrossFit class leaves any marks! But it was SO much fun it was worth it.


Admittedly when I arrived at CCF this morning and saw what the workout was for the day I was quite nervous. The fact that it had been a very rainy and windy drive into town to the CCF studio on a very cold winter’s morning had already made me feel sorry for myself, so to see this workout on the board really made my heart heavy:

Do as many rope climbs as possible without touching the floor. You have three attempts.


In 8 minutes, do 3 rounds of:

  • ·         5 handstand push-ups
  • ·         10 sit-ups
  • ·         15 squats
  • ·        

The more girly side of me ran screaming out the door and down the steps waving her arms above her head. Yet for some reason I stayed put. It might have also been the fact that it was warmer inside and also Roland was torturing himself with some strange stretches that were making HIM whimper like a girl which was quite funny.

Until he made us do it… not so funny then….

Anyway, the rope climb was quite a thing to muster. I can honestly say I have never climbed a rope before, nor has the thought ever crossed my mind. The good news however, is that I did it! YAY me! On my second attempt too, I managed to pull myself up the rope using the rather effective method Roland showed us and got to the top and touched the roof before coming down.

 Google image of someone doing a rope climb.

It wasn’t easy, but it wasn’t as hard as I thought it would be either. Although my hands took a bit of a beating and I may have a little rope burn on my ankles and thighs. But that feeling of getting it right was SO worth it.

The workout was a little tougher (and by a ‘little’ I mean a ‘LOT’), although I used bands to help me do the handstand, the push-up was still very taxing on the arms and it still takes me brain a while to figure out why I’m upside down and trying to do a push-up.

But by the 3rd time my brain had caught up with the rest of my body and although I was getting very tired by then it was (dare I say it…) fun….

 Image of an ‘assisted handstand push-up’

I also managed to do the whole workout with 39 push presses with a weight of 19kg. Whoop whoop! :-)

Running update:

After much pain and deliberation I finally took my aching calves off to the physio yesterday afternoon to find out if I was injured or just had ‘bad’ legs. See my calves have been hurting SO much after a run that not only have I never been able to run on consecutive days, but for days after a race or a long run, even walking has been sore.

The good news is that I’m not injured and it’s nothing serious. The bad news is that I’m about as flexible as a concrete floor. Seriously, the physio actually thought I was joking when he tried to push my foot backwards and he saw how tight my calves were. Even my feet are apparently in a bit of a state.

Why? Because I don’t stretch enough apparently.

Although I have never been flexible, even when I was little I was the only girl in my ballet class who couldn’t do that move where you spread your legs and put her head on the floor (it was heartbreakingly sad at the time, and if you’re a girl who’s ever done ballet you will know what I mean). It’s not the most elegant of poses, but it was a sure sign I was not flexible.

However I have been sent away with a strict stretching routine which I have to perform 3 times a day to loosen my legs up a bit and that should apparently work. Thank goodness, because I was really worried I was not cut out for this running thing. Especially since I’m not really into it.

Speaking of which, Aimee and I are doing the Atlantic Harriers 15km this weekend… any takers?


Why helloooooo Monday…..

August 23, 2010 in Uncategorized

Whoa. Monday morning got off to a bang… if five rounds of deadlifts and burpees doesn’t get your week well and truly started then nothing will. Yup folks, that’s what greeted me today at Cape CrossFit.


The sun hadn’t even begun negotiations with the thick clouds that have blanketed Cape Town all weekend before I was sweating up a storm and huffing and puffing my way through a CCF class.

So here’s how it went… we had to deadlift the heaviest weight we could manage to find our maximum deadlift weight. Naturally I can deadlift FAR less than anyone else in the class and being partnered with Ellie (aka Superwoman) unfortunately highlighted this quite strongly. I might as well have had a neon light flashing above my head, might have been less subtle!


Speaking of which – this weekend I had a rather regrettable altercation with a curling iron which ended in it burning me on my forehead and leaving a lovely big blackish-bluish with a tinge of pink-ish mark. Great. 

Then on Sunday I dropped a very heavy bar on my head (don’t ask) which left me with a slow-forming bruise below my left eye. To be fair it’s not that prominent at the moment but I’m usually slow to show a bruise so I know it’s coming. My poor hubby was quite upset at what people were going to think Cool


I expected some remarks from someone – anyone- at CCF this morning since I was walking in with a burn mark and a slightly black eye but apart from a few strangely confused looks that lingered a bit too long around my eye area, no-one noticed! I must look a RIGHT sight every morning if no-one can even see the difference. Either that or they’re all too polite to say anything.


Anyway, back to the workout…


So during the exercise my maximum weight on a deadlift was 74kg!! I know! Awesome huh?

It’s still far less than anyone else did but I’m taking this victory anyway cause 74kg is more than I weigh and lifting more than you weigh has GOT to stand for some kind of awesome, right?


However, the catch to lifting that much weight is that the workout consisted of five rounds of five deadlifts at 70% of your maximum weight and 10 burpees.

Yes, that’s right.
Five rounds – 10 burpees.
Which (and I’m no maths boff) is 50 burpees.
On a Monday!


I was buggered.

But I did it, and while my body is still a little shaky and tired, it was one helluva way to start the week. And since this week is ending with the Atlantis Harriers 15km run I need all the ass-kicking starts I can get…

How was your weekend? I hope you did lots of fit and fabulous things… or at least healthy, fabulous things! :-) Especially after reading thsi article this morning on how unhealthy South Africans are… tsk tsk….

Overhead squats=six-pack tummy. BRING IT ON!!!

August 20, 2010 in Uncategorized

This morning’s CrossFit class was very different from usual. We started out with some stretching exercises mostly focused on the shoulders as the workout was to be a gruelling round of 50 overhead squats.


We did a lot of stretching with extra-strength therabands (although I’m sure there’s a more technical name for it but alas I do not know what it is…) and even some Pilates style moves to loosen up.


The class was quite full as seems to be the case on most Friday’s and everyone seemed very nervous about the workout… everyone but me for some reason. Which made me nervous. If everyone else was stressing about it and I wasn’t then clearly I’d missed something about it, right?


Well not quite.

The thing is I got to CrossFit early and while I was rolling around on the floor, getting cosy with the foam roller in the dusky morning light (it sounds more romantic than it is) my tired mind took a wander around the room looking at the various pieces of workout equipment around the room (which most would link to instruments of torture) and I began wondering what the rope was used for, or when I would ever be strong enough to lift the HUGE barbell in the corner (who I have named Ivor) or be able to do a weighted pull-up.


So by the time the actual workout arrived I was actually relieved that it didn’t involve any of the aforementioned equipment. However, that was NOT to say it was easy… if you’ve been reading this blog you’ll know that nothing at CCF can EVER be classified as ‘easy’.


So the workout consisted of doing 50 overhead squats – which means holding a bar with weights overhead and then squatting down and coming up while maintaining your form. Sounds basic enough but it’s quite tricky. Here is a pic from the CCF website (ta!) of one of the girl’s there doing it:


I have been battling with my squats for a few weeks now, not sure why, but I can’t get as low down as I used to and it takes forever till I can get my form right (usually right at the end of the exercise). So now you add in a heavy weight that you have to hold overhead and it makes it a whole lot more complex.

I also have ridiculously girly wrists which cry foul at the slightest mention – so it’s quite a lot of pressure that’s on the wrists. It’s one of those lovely catch-22 situations where you’ll only get better by practicing but practicing hurts.  Toughen up wrists, goddamnit!

Anyhoo, the catch to the workout was that if you dropped the bar on the floor (because it gets damn heavy after you’ve done 10 in a row and you’re still staring down another 40) you have to do 20 jumping pull-ups. What fun!

Another catch-22… drop the bar and give the wrists a break while doing some not-much-fun-but-not-the-worst-exercise jumping pull-ups OR put on your big girl panties and try go for the whole 50 without dropping the bar.


Turns out the big girl panties were just the right size….


I managed to do all 50 overhead squats with a 29kg barbell and weight in a total of (I’m not 100% sure, still waiting for Roland to confirm my time but THINK/HOPE it was about…) five minutes!


The jury is still out on whether I’ll be able to lift anything heavier than a cotton-wool bud the rest of the weekend though. No matter, it was worth it! Apparently this exercise is THE BOMBfor your stomach muscles… and anything that contributes to a sexy flat tummy is A-ok in my books….


Have a fab weekend y’all, let me know what you got planned!

Every family has one….

August 18, 2010 in Uncategorized

I should really know by now that if I tempt fate by thinking “awesome, haven’t done lunges in a while” then OF COURSE the very next time I go to CrossFit we will do lunges.



However, just to jazz it up a little, this morning they cunningly called them ‘split jumps’ – but there is no disguising a lunge… it’s still part of the lunge family (although this is like the rude uncle of the Lunge Family who doesn’t often get invited to family gatherings because no-one likes to admit it but he is a bit ‘strange’, and there was that one time at band camp…)


Annnnnyway, a split lunge is a nasty little sucker. You get into a lunge with your bottom knee touching the floor, then launch yourself up into the air and swop legs, landing with the opposite leg in front than before and in a lunge. Confused? So was my inner-ear.

This is the closest thing to it I found from Googling.. you get the idea (though I suspect Roland would have something to say about his form Wink)


These formed part of a gruelling workout which went like this:


30 split jumps (uh huh… 30.. three-zero, or as I like to think: three-OOOOOOOh)

10m resistance sprint (which wasn’t so hard when it was one of the girl’s holding the band – but Roland held the band for the workout….)

10 sit-ups

10m resistance sprint

20 split jumps

10m resistance sprint

20 sit-ups

10m resistance sprint

10 split jumps

10m resistance sprint

30 sit-ups

10m resistance sprint

If that doesn’t get your hump-day off to a rocking start I honestly don’t know what will.

We also did back squats and I got up to 55.6kg’s! That’s like a supermodel after a burger binge….Surprised

Aimee and I have also ‘joined’ the West Coast Athletic Club at Big Bay and went for our first run with them this week. We haven’t officially joined yet because they kindly allow for you to go for a few runs with them first before you pay up to join (which isn’t expensive anyway). They run once a week from Big Bay beach and you cna choose your distance – we did the 8km run which was really nice, and although the pace was a bit faster than I’m used to, it’s nice to get ‘pushed’ a little more out your comfort zone.


Although I’m not sure I even have a comfort zone anymore…

It was a lovely run along the beachfront and on the way back with the sun setting lazily over the sea it was impossible not to enjoy. We  also met a couple of other newbies and since we all live in basically the same area we might even have more girls to carpool to races with. Environmentally friendly and fit! Yeeha! :-)

Is anyone doing the Move for your Health Don Lock 8 km Memorial in Newlands on Sunday? I am contemplating it, but wouldn’t mind a weekend off to sleep late a bit….




Adieu: the Winter Trail Series over :-(

August 16, 2010 in Uncategorized

This weekend was the final race of the Cape Winter Trail Series and it took place at the Kogelberg Nature Reserve in Kleinmond. It was part of the Gravity Adventure Festival which next year I think will be a very fun thing to take part in. However this year I didn’t stay over- which meant a very early morning for me and hubby dearest on Saturday.

 The sun rising. I seem to be awake for sunrises all the time :-)


When we arrived in Kleinmond it was freezing… there was an icy cold wind that cut right through any warm clothing and had everyone jumping up and down on the spot to try warm up. I seriously considered running with my jacket on because it was THAT cold.

 Check out the clouds – yes those are clouds!
And we drove down underneath them which is probably why it was so cold!


Fortunately though it warmed up very nicely and by the time the race was finished it was a summery 27 degrees – I actually got a bit sunburned it was so warm. Not bad for a winter’s day!


The race went well, it was one of the nicest ones I have done actually. It had a bit of everything – we started out on a relatively nice flat track that slowly grew into a mountain path which became incredibly hard to run on and separated the mountain goats from the rest of us runners.

By the time we got to the top of the mountain the view was breathtaking – although my knees did get a little weak when I stopped to look behind me and suddenly realised just how high up I was. I realised it would be best to just keep focusing on the path and not look down, as pretty as the view of the valley below sweeping out to a stunning beach and crystal blue ocean was, my fear of heights got the better of me.


From there the path headed downhill which is usually where I pick up my speed, but this time I erred in favour of caution and took it quite slowly – there was lots of loose gravel and stones and after my ankles flipped for the second time I decided that it would be better to take it slow than to break an ankle.


Once we got off the mountain there was a brief three or four block run on tarmac which was a first on a trail run for me but the solid ground was quite welcome after the unstable mountain path and I even picked up a ‘fan’ in the form of a delightful old man who was on his bicycle and decided to cycle alongside me and have a little chat. He was most encouraging and I think it was probably one of the most exciting days the residents of Kleinmond have had in a while.


After that the path headed onto the beach and we ran along a wooden deck for about 2km and then onto the beach which was quite a strain, before heading back up a hill and then finally down to the finish line. I’m not usually a fizzy-drink fan but the only thing that kept me going those last 3/4km was the thought of an icy cold fizzy coke! Mmm… and it was gooooooood!


So that’s that, the Cape Winter Trail Series is over. I’m quite sad about it too, every race was so beautiful and different and has led me to places around the Cape that I wouldn’t ordinarily go to. I’m definitely signing up for the summer series in January though. In the meantime Aimee and I are going to start our training for the Gun Run Half Marathon in October. It will be our first half marathon so we (more me) will need all the training we can get.


Here are some pics:


  Ellie crosses the finish line

  Aimee crosses the finish line

 Moi, almost at the finish line.

 Believe it or not that is me in the distance ABOUT to cross the finishing line :-)

 My medal! YAY!

 Aimee and I sitting in the back of her boyfriend’s bakkie as we drove through the campsite… seconds before the roof hit me on the head. Do not try this at home kids!
 The drive back along the beach. Such a stunning part of the country. I have a ‘bad’ habit of taking pics while hubby drives and I think the flash freaks out other drivers who think it’s a speed camera. Haahaha! Keeps me amused on long drives though!

Dude, I just bench-pressed Kate Moss…

August 13, 2010 in Uncategorized

Whooooooaaa… this morning’s CrossFit class tired me out so much I haven’t really left the safety of my office chair much since I got to work. It was a helluva workout made more intense by the fact that I hadn’t slept well last night – it really is amazing how not getting enough sleep can have such a physical impact on your body.


The class started with bench presses. Not the typical ones you see in the gym, as Roland pointed out, but ‘real’ ones :–)

The form was quite different from what I’m used to doing at the gym – for example I never knew that you had to arch your back so much and almost pinch your shoulder blades together. Usually when this is done in a gym class the instructor doesn’t pay each individual such attention and I’ve never had a personal trainer so I don’t know what rules or advice they give.


Anyway, we were supposed to do three sets of five of those, each time at a slightly heavier weight. I managed to do five at 29kg but when it went up to 38kg I could only manage to do one and a half (before my arms almost snapped in half…) but that’s not too bad I think – it’s like lifting Kate Moss, right?! Perhaps Justin Bieber… at least….


After that, the workout looked like this:

20 push presses

20 box jumps

20 sumo dead-lift high pulls

20 box jumps

20 sumo dead-lift high pulls

20 box jumps

20 sumo dead-lift high pulls

20 push presses




It did not help that I started out with a box that was a bit too ambitious and had to downgrade during the workout. Nor did it help that my shoulder gave in and is still insanely sore from all the weights and pressure. Although it wasn’t the workout that caused it, for some reason it has been a bit sore for a few days but I think today’s workout just aggravated it. Roland showed me how to roll it out with a baseball (I know – and believe me it’s as weird to do as it is to think about) so hopefully that will help a bit.


But wow. What a start to the weekend! I just hope my shoulder gets a better soon (i.e. tonight) because tomorrow is the fourth and final race of the Cape Winter Trail Series tomorrow in Kleinmond and I’m doing the long course – an ass-kicking 13.7km according to the website.


This weekend’s race is part of the Gravity Adventure Festival so it should be lotsa fun. Especially if it doesn’t rain! Cool


Have a super weekend everyone!

Dear hands, I’m so sorry….

August 11, 2010 in Uncategorized

I know, I’m such a girl, but oooww… my poor hands!

They really do not enjoy pull-ups at ALL. And just when they start to recover, I arrive at CCF and there it is on the board – pull-ups! I can almost feel my hands quiver in terrified anticipation…


This morning’s class started out with some skipping. One would think skipping would be easy since oh I don’t know… KIDS DO IT. But no, try skipping with a jump rope that’s made out of some hard plastic that if it hits you leaves an awesome red mark. (I can almost hear Roland saying “Well then don’t let it hit you…”) 

However, it actually does get easier, and while double-under’s still elude me, I managed to do my first cross-over jump in about 20 years which made my inner child smile for a few minutes longer than societal norms prescribe under the ‘how not to look crazy’ rules.


This was followed by an exercise (or rather, an attempt at an exercise) that goes under the title of ‘one-legged-squats’ but which I think might have been endorsed by Hitler or some such dictator at some point as a form of torture.

As the title describes, it is indeed a squat on one leg. But unless you have ever actually TRIED a squat on one leg you will not know how hard this is. To be fair however, I did manage it on my right leg and my left leg was SO unimpressed it wouldn’t play ball no matter how many times I tried.

It was ridiculous… I think I managed to get a grand total of one centimetre off the box before my leg cottoned on to what I was doing and indignantly shut down all efforts.


After that we moved swiftly on to some ring rows which we did on Friday too. It starts out rather fun but the further away you move your legs the harder it gets:

Ring row

And just when we were getting the hang of that, we moved onto practicing pull-ups and I learned a new term for what can only be described as hanging from a bar and swinging your body – it’s called kipping. But that’s a rubbish description – so here’s a video that’s hopefully more explanatory:


These women make it look a lot easier than it is though… I quite like the swinging part but I really need to work on being strong enough to pull myself up cause right now my chin is nowhere near the bar. My hands also take a lot of strain, if they weren’t so sore I could probably practice for longer.


Anyway, the workout after that looked like this:


Five rounds of:


  • 10 one-armed overhead squats (holding a dumbbell above your head with one arm and then doing a squat. Sounds easy. But it isn’t.)
  • 10 ring rows (after 5 rounds that makes for 50… sh!t. I just realised I’m gonna be SORE tomorrow….)


So yeah, my hands are sore and as I type this I can feel my shoulders are starting to hurt too. Time to go do some more stretching methinks…



Two days, two races

August 10, 2010 in Uncategorized

Long gone are the days when long weekends used to represent rowdy late nights and lazy lie-in mornings filled with nothing much in-between. I’m not sure what happened along the way but somehow my long weekends now consist of early nights and even earlier mornings with lots of sweating, exercising and massaging sore muscles in-between.

Go figure!


This past long weekend saw me run two races, one on Sunday morning (the third in the Cape Winter Trail Series) and the second the Women’s Day Challenge in Bellville. I was a bit apprehensive about running two races on consecutive days since my legs usually need at least one day to recover. But it was worth a shot, right?


Anyway, if you live anywhere near Cape Town you will know that Sunday morning was not what one would call ‘ideal running weather’. I woke up and it was pouring with rain, it was pitch black outside and the wind was howling like a ghostly mad woman. Yet when we checked the Trail Series website there was no mention of the race being cancelled. (Of course not, those mountain goats don’t fear a little Cape winter weather!)


So off I went to pick up Aimee and we headed out to Kuils River to Mooiplaas wine farm. This is what the weather looked like:
 Lovely huh?

 On the way there, still smiling.
 When we’re there, smiling’s a little more difficult..

There weren’t too many people there, a lot less than I think had actually entered the race. They were no doubt still snoozing in warm beds at home, cuddling up to their common sense and ignoring the dirty looks from their conscience.


As I was going to be running a race the next day and given that I am generally a rather clumsy person when I’m not running up and down muddy slopes in the freezing rain and gale force winds, I opted for the short route. I’m not sure what distance it was since the venue and thus the route had been changed on Friday afternoon, but I think it was about 7km’s.


It was a hard run though because it was mostly uphill (which I battle with since my calves are always so tight they really don’t like climbing undulating hills for any amount of time) and oh yeah, did I mention IT WAS RAINING? Normally not such a big deal… but rain during a trail run means slippery, muddy slopes – and when dozens of mountain-goat-runners have already stampeded their way through it, it’s like running up a hill of muddy slush puppies.




However, despite the driving rain and aching calves it was actually still fun. Trail runs always are. This time I even stopped at the top of the hill to take a picture, I reckon it’s the only shot of the sun peeking through the clouds that happened that day. What jolly good luck I was there to catch it on camera!



Here are some other pics of how muddy it was…

  My poor car!  Ellie and Aimee – Aimee is a freakishly clean runner! :-)

That night I decided to sleep with the compression socks Second Skins gave me to try out (*read the review here) as they’re supposed to help with recovery. And man, did they work! I got up on Monday morning and as I gingerly swung my legs out of bed I winced in preparation for the ‘einahhhh’ that usually follows… and nothing happened! It was amazing! My calves were actually fine! Hallelujah!


HOWEVER, my joy was short lived for two reasons… firstly because it was 6am and it was raining AGAIN. Yet because the women’s day race was a road race that meant tar, which meant no mud, so at least it would be slightly easier than the trail run.


‘Twas not to be though. Ten minutes into the run I could feel my calve muscles starting to tighten and it got to a point where I wasn’t even sure I could carry on. It’s VERY frustrating and I wanted to scream I was so annoyed. Anyway, I ended up walking the first kilometre until I realised that if I ran very slowly it hurt ever-so-slightly less than when I was walking, so that’s what I did the rest of the way. And slowly but surely I got closer to the end.


And in a weird turn of events, as soon as we finished the race, wet and dripping for a second day in a row, the clouds parted and it was clear blue skies for the rest of the day. All that remains of a very wet and full weekend of exercise are wet and muddy clothes and slightly sore calve muscles again.


The point remains however that I did it. I ran two races in one weekend and while my times could have been better it’s still something that two years ago I would not have even contemplated doing. Plus I got another medal! Woo hoo!

Not ENTIRELY sure what I’m going to do with them now, but still, no matter how old you get, there’s always something FAB about getting a medal!

  Another medal! A girl’s gotta have bling..


 One pair muddy, one pair wet



Yippee!!! Long weekend ahead!!

August 6, 2010 in Uncategorized

Man how I love long weekends! More time to exercise! :-)

This weekend I have two races on, first up is the third in the Cape Winter Trail Series. The venue has changed from Mooiplaas Estate to Kaapzicht because of the bad weather that we are supposed to be blessed with on Sunday morning. I’m not sure what difference it will make moving venues, but apparently the new venue is more protected.

And if that means less muddy and slippery then BRING. IT. ON.

However that also means the long course has changed from 10km to 12.3km.


Then I also signed up for the Women’s Day 10km run in Bellville on Monday. Definitely no rest for the wicked this weekend. Here’s hoping my legs will handle two runs only a few hours apart. Only one way to find out I guess….

But first things first, this morning’s CrossFit class was hectic. It is now 1.30pm and my hands have only just started feeling better. This is what it looked like:

First we did some skipping to warm up. Those double-unders still elude me but I did manage to do 20 one-legged skips on each leg so there’s improvement there.

That was followed by some weight-lifting work, namely the snatch (See video of what it’s supposed to look like)

It was quite technical despite how easy it looked at first and took me AGES until I could get it right. There are so many things to remember when it comes to posture, but when you’re doing it you can’t ‘overthink’ the moves or you’ll get too confused and your form will suffer.

So it’s a bit of a catch 22 – don’t forget your form but don’t think about it.


Anyway, after struggling with that for a while we moved onto the workout, which was 12 minutes long and consisted of as many rounds as possible of the following:

  • 10 one-armed kettlebell swings (or 5 with each arm)
  • 10 ring pushups (I did attempt this but i managed a grand total of two before my arms went AWOL from my brain. I therefore did normal pushups on my knees. And after round 5 I was stuffed!)
  • 10 hanging leg raises (hang from bar and lift legs as straight as possible 10 times. Fine in theory but it really buggers up my hands…)


 ‘Twas hard going and I managed about 7 and a half rounds (I think… memory a bit fuzzy now so I stand under correction). But it was a good workout. Definitely a heart-pumping start to the weekend! :-)

Anyhoo peeps, I hope you all have a smashing weekend – sleep late, party hard and workout even harder! And good luck to everyone doing any kind of race over the weekend!

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