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Exercising with a passenger

April 18, 2011 in Uncategorized

Righty-ho, it’s been a while since my last blog post but I’m not going to assume you’ve all been sitting on tender-hooks eagerly awaing my next update. Unless you have, in which case my bad!


So here is the reason for my silence. Meet ‘Bean’ who is now 13 weeks in existence (or three months depending on how you work things):


Be honest now – did you gasp or yelp? Cool Those are generally the two reactions I am most greeted with when people find out.


So yeah, bun in the oven. Makes exercising a little more interesting I’ll tell you! And not just because you have to constantly stop for pee breaks, or because you feel a little dizzier than usual and get hotter and more breathless than before. But mostly because of the peanut gallery of non-exercisers who all of a sudden are experts at what you can and can’t do.




I know that generally most people mean well, but the fact is that I’m not a complete moron and do actually know what I’m doing and have done all my research. But with a short-fuse at the best of times now mixing it up with a cocktail of sleepless nights (you have to pee like ALL the time) and hormones, it’s not going to be long before someone gets their head bitten off for trying to advise me that it would be better to do NO exercise during this pregnancy than any at all.




Apparently when you fall pregnant not only is your body no longer your own, but all decisions must be carefully scrutinsed by everyone who knows you’re pregnant and surprise surprise, everyone has an opinion on every aspect of your life. It’s taken some getting used to and I’m afraid that if you’re not a regular exerciser then you don’t really get a vote. I have two votes as it is, and I’m hormonal, so I’ll always win anyway. And I have red hair. Actually you’re a real idiot if you even thought for a SECOND you coud win an argument with me… Kiss bless!

So before anyone jumps on the bandwagon, I have taken the fact that I’m exercising with a very important passenger on board into account and despite apparent evidence to the contrary, I am exercising for the benefit of both of us. There are numerous studies showing the benefits of a fit mother to her baby, not least of all including having a healthy baby and a much easier birth.


Don’t believe me? Check them out here, here and here.


So while the running continues my aspirations of taking part in this year’s Two Oceans Half marathon have been put on hold till next year. This is mostly because my running has slowed down a lot and also because of the necessary bathroom breaks a long run would induce. I ran the Spar Women’s 10km last week and had to stop twice to pee. It was my slowest 10km ever at 1h 19m but I enjoyed it and that was the main thing.


I am still doing CrossFit and will continue to do so for as long as possible with the right modifications to ensure I don’t over-do it. Already my trainers Roland and Jobst are keeping a very close eye on me and making sure I don’t lift weights that are too heavy or get into positions that might make me feel dizzy. They’ve been so supportive and given me loads of reading material about dozens of other women who have successfully continued with their CrossFit programmes throughout their pregnancies so I know what to expect and what I can and can’t do. One such website is CrossFit Mom which is awesome. Check it out.


The hardest part has been scaling back because some days I feel stronger than others and on those days I just want to hit it hard. One raised eyebrow from Roland though is enough to make me rethink that idea.


The surfing, alas, had to come to an end because of the risk of falling (which I would inevitably do) and the high possibility of hurting my stomach. As has the mountain biking. So both of those are on hold until baby bean is born.


So from now on my workout routine consists of CrossFit, running, swimming and yoga. I’ll continue to blog about these just to prove that it is possible to exercise while you’re pregnant and is actually awesome for both mom and baby. I also believe that this is why I didn’t have any morning sickness and how I have more energy than most women in their first trimesters. It also makes me feel a bit better when i do get a craving for some vinegar and salt laden chips (can’t get enough of that!!) or the occasional chocolate…


So if my baby comes out running and looking for the nearest Kettlebell, don’t be surprised… :)


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