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New year, new me

January 19, 2012 in Uncategorized

So it turns out being a mom is a lot of hard work and takes up quite a bit of time, hence the long time between blog posts. Not that I would change a thing, it’s the best kind of work there is.

I can’t believe it has already been three months since I had little Dylan, in fact much of last year is a blur to me. I still find it hard to believe how much my life has changed in one year… I found out I was pregnant in February and had him in October. One year and so much has changed and not much has stayed the same. I tell you, 2012 has a lot to live up to given the precedence 2011 set…

Fitness-wise I have been very good and have been back at CrossFit as regularly as I am able and in-between that I either workout at home, go for runs or hit Virgin Active for Pilates, yoga or spinning classes. It’s difficult finding time to get to the gym if hubby doesn’t get home in time or needs to be at work early and can’t babysit while I pop out to gym, but on those days I make the best of it and try do crossfit workouts at home or go for a run with the pram (and the baby of course!) otherwise it would be too easy to let day after day slip by with no exercise.

I do understand how a lot of women struggle to find time and motivation to exercise after having a baby though. It really is hard, especially those mornings when your body feels like lead you’re so tired and the very last thing you feel like doing is working up a sweat. Or the days when every moment is taken up with a busy baby who needs your constant attention and when he sleeps there are a million little things that need to be done and exercise just isn’t on the list.

But what I have realised is that those are the days when you need the exercise the most. When you need a time-out for mom. Just half an hour to do some yoga or even a 20 minute run rejuvenates me more than a 40 minute sleep would. Half the battle is just getting out the door, but once I’m done I really do feel like a new person.  Doesn’t hurt that the last of the pregnancy weight serves as a motivator every time I look in the mirror :)

I have also kept in contact with a lot of the ladies from PreggiBellies and they have all now had their babies so we meet up once a week to go for a walk along the beachfront and swop battle stories of sleepless nights and poo nappies (I discuss poo at least once a day now, no jokes!) which is a testament to how good friends can be made through exercise too. Like-minded folk and all that.

Anyhoo, I have one more month left of maternity leave and I intend to treasure every moment with my gorgeous child but I will definitely try to blog more often since i am back to gymming six times a week. And once this heat-wave ends I will be hitting the road again in earnest as the Two Oceans Half Marathon is just around the corner and I haven’t really done much training yet… must get rear-end in gear!

Keep cool y’all


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