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Rubber hats and LOTS of lycra…

February 29, 2012 in Uncategorized

A friend recently asked if I would go with her to try out some aqua aerobics classes at the gym. And not being one to ever say no to trying out soemthing new in the fitness department I decided to give it a bash.

So early one Saturday morning I found myself wearing my finest sporty-looking swimming costume, standing in front of a mirror in the changerooms trying desperately to attach a piece of wobbly rubber to my head in vain. Have you ever tried putting on a swimming cap that just won’t fit? It’s impossible. So several minutes and chunks of hair later I was ready.

We are quite lucky at the Tableview Virgin Active that the swimming pool is almost ‘hidden’ around the corner and not right in the middle of everything as most swimming pools are in gyms. So strutting out in my cozzie and bright pink rubber cap I didn’t feel too bad. Until I saw the rest of our classmates…

The average age was 60. I KID.YOU.NOT.

There is nothing more disappointing than expecting a great workout old to arrive and find out it’s a class for old ladies so your chances of working up a good sweat are relatively small. Not that I have anything against old ladies workoing out at the gym – not at all. I actually admire the bejeezers out of them and applaud anyone who gets their butts to gym regardless of their age.

Anyhoo, since I was already dressed and standing there looking forlorn wasn’t going to burn any calories I figured I might as well get in and just hope for the best. I could always do another workout afterwards right?

WELL! You’d think by now I’d know not to be so freaking presumptuous! It turned out to be quite a cool class after all. Within minutes my heart was pumping and the resistance the water provided made the normal aerobic moves really difficult.

However when I stole a glance at some of my other classmates I realised that they were all taking it very easy and I was the only one making a huge mess. And by mess I mean I was blinding myself with all the splashing and underwater bubble-making (not THAT kind of bubble-making SIES MAN). But they were all barely out of breath and gliding slowly through the water, half-heartedly doing the moves I was literally throwing my heart and soul into.

That’s when I realised why aqua classes are so badly attended by anyone wnot from the white-hair brigade. Because they watch a class, see how little is involved and think – like I did – that it’s not really worth the effort of squeezing into a rubber cap for such a mediocre workout.

However the joke is on them because these classes really ARE a good workout. You just have to DO the workout. Don’t take it easy, push yourself. Otherwise what’s the point of being there?!

So for anyone looking for a really nice low impact but high energy class, I would really recommend it. If you’re injured and can’t run or cycle this would be a good option for you too from purely a cardio- point of view. Just make it worth your while.

And don’t swallow the water. *SHUDDER*

Dance like no-one’s watching… and hope like hell they really aren’t…

February 9, 2012 in Uncategorized

So last week I decided to try out a Zumba dance class at the gym. It was a spur of the moment thing since I had just been to a Pilates class in which I found myself to be the youngest by a few decades and hence hadn’t really been very challenged by it. And since the Zumba class was up next I thought why not?!

Five minutes later I could give you a hundred different reasons why not…

MAN it’s a tough class. On the fitness front it’s a super workout and I sweated my ass off… but it wasn’t pretty. I should have known when the instructor walked in dressed in barely there shorts and bra-top with a body like a goddess (except for the dozens of tattoos which scared me a little together with her penchant for screaming out instructions like an army sergeant). She was mean… in the first few minutes I think she eyeballed me about five times with a “WTF are you DOING?” look on her face and I moved further and further away from her with every step. Not only was she scary as hell but she was also quite a sweater – ten minutes into the class and she was dripping with sweat and spraying those around her with it. 

The class itself is fast, the moves are tricky and require a lot of coordination and there is no time to learn the steps, she just does them and you follow. And since  the music sounds like Mexican chipmunks on speed it’s not easy. It’s insane. 

Naturally I looked like a real dumbass, and most of the time was spinning clumsily to the left when everyone else was headed right, or my hip-shaking looked more like I was trying to impersonate a wet dog drying himself than sexy Latin hip rotations. But come the end of the class I felt good. It was a serrrriusss workout so if you’re brave enough to risk your modesty and have even a little bit of rhythm I would recommend it. 

The scary thing is I did different types of dancing for 12 years and I couldn’t find my rhythm to save my life in that class. I blame the takkies, being all big and clumsy. That’s my excuse and I’m sticking to it! :)

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