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Being a SleekGeek is ‘the new black’

September 6, 2012 in fitness, health

The sun is rising earlier in the mornings, there is a faint smell of budding flowers in the air and it would seem that spring is almost on our door steps. Are you ready for it though? Never fear, there is still time before you have to bare those arms and legs that winter has so lovingly padded.

Not feeling motivated? Check out how much weight these people lost and how toned they got in the much talked-about SleekGeek Winter Warrior Challenge.

And if that lights a fire in you, why not sign up for their next SleekGeek Summer Body 8-week Challenge. Also check out their Facebook page where most of the action happens… it’s a fantastic new initiative started up by former digital heavy-weight Elan Lohmann and it’s quickly growing into a community of wanna-be-better people all with the hope of getting fitter and healthier.

When we did our interview with Elan he was so excited about this new venture that he was almost bouncing off the walls with enthusiasm. It was awesome to watch. And if you go to his site and see the transformation he’s been through – from stopping smoking to shedding a lot of weight – it’s not hard to see why he is so energetically punting SleekGeekSA.

One thing he said has stuck with me too… he said that whenever he’s faced with something that looks delicious but isn’t actually any good for him (in my case that would be ice-cream..mmm..I struggle to say no) he stops and thinks “Is this going to take me closer to my goal or further away from it?”

Isn’t that cool? It makes SO much sense. I’ve been trying to think like that about things too and I have to admit it has kept me a lot more on track with making sure only 100% healthy things pass my lips.

So if you’re struggling to get yourself motivated or just want to lurk on the sidelines and see what other people do for fitness or what they eat then check them out, it’s a very vibrant group all with positive messages and encouragement for each other.

It IS possible to lose weight and get fit on your own – but where’s the fun in that, right? 

I am ALL FOR this kind of group if it helps get South Africans fitter and healthier because GOLLY GOSH do we need it. Just walking down the street outside my office through the clouds of cigarette smoke and past the fast-food joints that are jam packed at 7am in the MORNING with people who should really be exercising and not eating any form of sugary-coated anything – it’s enough to make me cry in frustration. 

However, if it’s not for you and you prefer to do the lone-ranger thing then that’s cool too. As long as you’re motivated and can keep to your goals thats perfect! :)

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