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Bootcamp in the city

November 20, 2012 in fitness, health

Seeing as we live in such a beautiful city and we’re lucky enough to work close to the Company Gardens, we have decided to take some of the bootcamp classes into the great outdoors.

So far we’ve had tow awesome sessions in the gardens, there is so much to do there and despite the WTF looks we get from the people having their early lunches there while we zip past then drop and do a few push-ups before hopping up and sprinting off to the other side, it’s been fun.

However, exercising outside comes with its own set of… shall we say… complications. First off there is nature. Dodging fat pigeons as they desperately try to fly out of your path, leaping over curious squirrels who stop to check things out and of course, keeping a watchful eye in the trees above so we don’t get any bird poo ruining our gentle stretching afterwards.

Secondly there are the people.

We don’t mind being stared at, it’s part and parcel of working up a sweat on a mid-morning session in a public place. But some of the people are a little strange… like The Lurker. This is a guy who hid behind the bushes on Monday and copied all the exercises we were doing. And every time I turned around to see him he would duck away. Very weird dude.

Then there’s the tourists. At the end of one of our workouts we were accosted by a group of Japanese tourists who clearly thought this was just TOO fantastic a photo-op not to take advantage of.

So while I was bent over a bench stretching out my hamstrings I found an elderly pot-bellied Japanese man next to me imitating my stretch as his 20+ group of friends took photo’s.

They didn’t speak any English but I did understand “Gangham style”. Though I am still a bit baffled as to where that fitted in..

Weird no? Well it got weirder! A female member of the group then decided to show us just how supple she was… (which she was… insanely so!)

Then they decided to take turns getting their photo’s taken with us…

Clearly they didn’t seem to mind the fact that we were all sweaty from an hour of exercising in the sun…

And then more joined in…

Who knows what little adventures await us the next time we hit the great outdoors for a little bootcamp?! Keep an eye out for us on YouTube, we might be the most famous SleekGeek Office Challengers around!

Rising to the challenge

November 15, 2012 in Uncategorized

So it’s now halfway through the SleekGeek Office Challenge with only three weeks to go. I think it got off to quite a sluggish start, even though there were lots of eager people who signed up for it, I’m not sure how many have thrown themselves into it.

To try get a bit of momentum going I volunteered my services to teach a weekly bootcamp session for anyone who was interested. I recently did a group fitness trainer course and figured this would also give me some good practice with my cueing and phrasing and so on. (Terms I never even knew existed till a few months ago… don’t EVER underestimate an aerobics instructor, there’s a TONNE of stuff you have to think about during a class sheesh!!)

Anyhoo the first class was a dud. Not one single person showed up. I must admit I felt a little annoyed… this was after all a free exercise class. Free fitness sessions don’t come around too often y’know!

Fortunately they persuaded me to do another one and with four eager participants we got started. Its a bit difficult to do much toning without any weights or equipment of any sort, but I actually think they get quite a good workout with the amount of body-weight exercises I throw at them. From push-ups to walking lunges, squats for Africa and some lovely burpees and mountain climbers in the mix it’s enough to get anyone’s heart rate going!

The classes have now grown to 13 participants and are three times a week. It might be a little late in the challenge but these guys are giving it their all and I really admire them. A few of the ladies have never ever exercised – and they do damn well keeping up and doing the best they can. I’m super-impressed!

The goal at the end is for them to be able to do more push-ups than they did at the start of the SleekGeek Challenge and to be able to hold the hollow rock position for longer than they did before. I daresay that if they keep coming they’ll all see a big improvement!

So a big YAY for the peeps at for coming to the party and doing their bit. It’s SO awesome to see people passionate about exercising and wanting to get fitter and healthier. It’s not even about the weight-loss – it’s about being healthier. And we can all be healthier and make healthier choices on a daily basis. It’s hard most of the time, but it’s not impossible.

If you feel you can’t do it alone, sign up to the SleekGeek group on Facebook and see what other ordinary people are doing. It’s one big support group that’s free. If nothing else you might even make a few friends :)


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