My encounter with a ViPR

December 15, 2012 in Uncategorized

A few weeks ago I noticed a personal trainer at my Virgin Active putting someone through what looked like a grueling routine with something that looked like a cross between a big pipe and a log of wood. Whatever it was, it looked heavy and the workout he was doing looked hardcore.
So of course I just HAD to try it out J
Virgin Active were kind enough to organise personal  trainer Ian Pienaar to put me through my paces with what is apparently called a ViPR. The fact that it’s name sounds like a poisonous snake should be an indication of its potent potential.
Ian explained that the ViPR comes in a few different weights ranging from a light weight of 4kg, all the way up to 20kg, similar to Kettlebells. It has a few different grips on it which you can use according to your preference or workout.
There are a number of different exercises you can do with the ViPR, and after doing a few of them with Ian as well as a few short combination workouts I would seriously recommend getting someone professional to show you how to do the exercises properly so you get the full benefit and don’t look like a dumbass just throwing it around aimlessly.  #justsaying
Ian made me do a clean and press:
Then a needle and thread move:

Then a lunge with a twist (which was surprisingly difficult with such an awkward weight):
And then a short workout that got my heart pumping and made me all sweaty. Which is just how I like my workouts.
I was a bit sore the next day – in the best possible way of course, and I thoroughly enjoyed the workout. It was challenging and different from the more common fitness routines. So if you’re looking for something different to add to your exercise programme or if you just want to give weights a miss for a day, I strongly suggest you try out ViPR training and see how it works for you. I only had 45 mins with Ian, but he assures me there are many different exercises you can do with it.
Check out this video he put together illustrating some of the moves.

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  1. you look just like Julianne Moore

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