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‘Tis the season to be healthy

November 29, 2012 in Health

“Thank you for contacting the accounts department of Company X. We are currently at our year-end function and will be back in the office tomorrow.”

The office parties are the first sign that the festive season has begun, and will soon be up to full speed. Rich snacks, too many drinks and late nights add up to a recipe for ending the year feeling bloated, washed-out and regretful.

Here’s our recipe for changing things around and taking back the last few weeks of the year for healthy, energetic activities. Why not go into January feeling stronger and lighter rather than dragging an extra two kilos and a bad reputation?

Here are our tips for facing down temptation at the office party and beyond:

  • See a party as an opportunity to network and make new friends, rather than drink as much free booze as possible. You win if you leave the party having chatted to an awesome colleague from another department, or forged a connection with your boss who likes Afro-jazz as much as you do.
  • Plan outings with friends rather than inviting them over for cake. Getting yourself (and the kids) out into the fresh air at the local botanical gardens or bird sanctuary is sure to be the stuff of happier memories than fighting over who ate the last mince pie. Plus if everyone is physically tired, they’ll go to sleep earlier, and so can you.
  • Keep your alarm clock set at the same time throughout the holidays. It’s depressing to surface at 10.30 and realise you’ve wasted most of a beautiful holiday morning. You can always plan to have an afternoon nap once you’ve seized a good portion of the day.
  • Make a real effort to get away from work, gadgets and your usual distractions when you’re not actually in the office. Rather enjoy the seasonal activities from night markets to fireworks displays. That way you’ll return to normal life mentally refreshed.
  • If you do give gifts to adult friends, make or buy something made of recycled items. There’s enough clutter in the world without our adding to it.

What are your secrets to making the festive season a time to improve your health rather than undo all the good work of the year? Or do you think the holiday season is a good reason to let loose for once? Share your thoughts.

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  1. Everything in moderation :)

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