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2012 Medical breakthroughs

December 13, 2012 in Uncategorized

Worm’s life extended
Lefties hold phone to left ear
Pleasure eating may stimulate overeating
Social networking lowers self-control

Many times I read about a study and think: well, that was a waste of someone‚Äôs time and money. Like these above, this kind of study leaves you scratching your head and saying, “and so what?”

But this year, there have been a number of truly encouraging medical developments. From exciting South African research into malaria to robotic surgery in Italy, these are some of the stories that we may remember as the start of something big.

South African research may result in single-dose malaria cure
A compound discovered by a University of Cape Town team shows strong potential for the future development of a single-dose cure for malaria.

Wound-care breakthrough at UCT
A UCT researcher has made a significant advance in the field of wound care by developing a self-regulating vacuum dressing for wounds.

HIV antibody breakthrough
SA scientists have discovered how some people can make potent antibodies capable of neutralising strains of HIV.

Modified HIV used in cancer treatment
US doctors say they have saved a girl who was close to dying from leukaemia with a pioneering use of a modified form of the HIV virus.

Paralysed patients use mind to move robotic arm
Two stroke patients who had lost the use of their arms and legs were able to use their brains to move a robotic arm.

Italy hospital conducts fully robotic liver procedure
A medical transplant centre in Sicily said it had carried out the world’s first partial liver transplant using only a robot to remove the organ of the donor.

Are there health breakthroughs that give you hope? And which research makes you say: “Why?”

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  1. As long as someone benefit from it in the long run it’s okay. Researchers sometimes research the strangest things. But they also come up with the best things to help people. Or to make life a tad easier.

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