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Wired for resolutions

January 15, 2013 in Uncategorized

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Technology is generally seen as the enemy of good health and fitness, and I must admit that when I am slumped like a sack of laundry in front of the latest episode of Dexter, I don’t feel nearly as energised and sharp as I do when I have just walked up one of the steep hills in my neighbourhood.

The internet has brought us many great things when it comes to health information (such as Health24, of course), but it also brings all-too-enjoyable time-wasters like Grumpy Cat, which should only be taken in small doses in order to relieve extreme stress.

Since it’s the time of the year when we all try to fine-tune our habits to improve ourselves and our health, I was determined to find a different way to get myself moving and combat stress. Different that is, from the usual: “Gee, I really should try…”

Then I came across a video about the internet’s next big frontier in which experts talk about the “internet of things”, describing how smart phones – and other gadgets – are able to connect and share information like never before. One man has a little gadget I deeply covet, which reminds him when he has been sitting too much, inspiring him to get up and move around. I’m also looking for the perfect destress app for my husband’s phone, to inspire his new-found interest in getting into a tranquil groove.

Even a simple calendar reminder for breast examination or a shared Google shopping list for healthy items might just be the extra little firecracker that gets my healthy bonfire burning enthusiastically rather than smouldering like wet kindling. I do draw the line at too much sharing, though. You’re not really interested in how many bum lifts I did this morning, are you? (Answer: none!)

As my recent holiday has taught me, unwinding is made much easier by locking the computer away and even leaving the phone behind when you are out. But given that we are shackled to our phones and computers most of the time, we may as well harness their amazing power for something that will do us good.

How do you use technology to improve your fitness and help you keep healthy resolutions?

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  1. Heart rate monitors during exercise are great for keeping you on track and motivated! :)

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