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Is your relationship good for you?

January 17, 2013 in Uncategorized

Confession time. I am by nature a sedentary person.

I’m not just talking “loves to relax now and then”. I am talking “would fuse with the couch if it weren’t that the snacks are in the kitchen”.

Of course, through the years I have learned that my nature needs a swift kick sometimes, but I admit, it is a work in progress.

My husband is much more active than I am: this is what has driven me from my couch (usually moaning: “can’t you SEE I’m reading?”). So I end up walking under the trees or by the sea, and I am 1 000% better for it.

We might not always feel like thanking our partners for their influence on our health. When it means they cut us off from our favourite foods, or push us to give up the cigarettes we rely on, we often want to rebel.

But if you’ve got a partner who is good for you, consider yourself very lucky. All too often partners can influence each other negatively. For example, research shows that married women tend to drink more. The person we share the table with also has a strong influence on what we eat, and it’s not always a good thing: read our DietDoc’s take on Love, marriage and weight gain.

Are you and your partner a good influence on each other’s healthy habits?

2 responses to Is your relationship good for you?

  1. So true. And it’s good to get away from the TV, computer, cellphones etc and talk while you walk!

    • That’s so true, we really do work out a lot of the day’s stresses as we walk along chatting.

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