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My own personal tooth fairy

January 31, 2013 in Health

My first encounter with dentistry was not a good one. His name was Dr Shark (well, it should have been). When my mother was in the room he was charming, if a little unctuous, kissing my tiny (probably slightly grubby) hand. But if she stepped out of the room for a minute, he became grumpy and rough.

From this stemmed a rather embarrassing fear of dentists, and a lifelong search for a dentist who would understand. Eventually I found him. A young, rather nice-looking dentist who was very excited by all the gadgets in his surgery. Just my luck, within a year he had emigrated to Europe, leaving me again searching.

Among the failed dental relationships over the years include Dr B, who thought my fear was quite hilarious, and had a habit of talking on his cellphone with one hand while digging around with sharp objects in my mouth at the same time. Then there was Dr P, who always seemed a bit terrified herself, and was only comfortable when demonstrating proper brushing techniques on a set of giant plastic teeth with a giant toothbrush.

Enter my current dentist, the lovely Dr M. She’s experienced and businesslike but not crotchety, and most importantly, she’s gentle. I like the fact that she explains the options in detail, so that I feel I am part of the decision-making process. Does that mean I look forward to visiting the dentist? It does not. But at least I feel that I am in good hands. Now I just hope she doesn’t decide that Australia looks like a wonderful place to move to.

What do you expect from a dentist? Have you had mostly positive experiences?

4 responses to My own personal tooth fairy

  1. Dentists are cool. Some have a great sense of humor and are great in pain relief. Ever had a kidney stone and the pain thereof? Toothache is also painful but at least we can prevent the agonising pain by visiting a dentist regularly

  2. I have a nice dentist but it doesn’t mean that I like going to see her. The thought of her working with all those instruments in my mouth makes me feel very vulnerable, it’s unlike others in the medical profession when I can still see what they’re doing. Also, the others don’t have any electric powered “toys”

  3. I feel the same way. I don’t know why but I’m afraid of dentists, especially when I am already on the dental chair.

  4. My dentist was a high school classmate of mine. I trust him completely and he’s done nothing but magnificent work when I’ve had to pay him the occasional visit.

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