BIG NEWS: Blog migration from Letterdash to WordPress!

June 19, 2012 in Uncategorized

Hello Health bloggers!!

We’re moving all active blogs across to WordPress.

Here’s what you need to know:

The date set for the move is Monday, 25 June. What this means is that you’ll need to stop blogging by 2pm, 24 June (a day before the migration), as all blogs affected will be taken down and will only be up the next morning.

You are currently a Health24 blogger

  • After the migration you will still be a Health blogger but your blog will the same look and feel that the already migrated blogs have. The URL for the Health24 blogs will be as follows:
  • You’ll be able to sell adverts on your blog! ( is only going to take one ad position, as opposed to all of ‘em, like before. So you’ll be able to have both Google and your own ads!)

Here are some of the amazing new features you can look forward to:

  •     No more albums! You can just load up pics directly
  •     Private messaging – because you don’t always want to tell everyone everything
  •     You can upload videos (within limits of course)
  •     Widgets – We’ve preloaded all sorts of nifty widgets for you to use on your blog
  •     Comment filters – There is WAY better control over trolls and spammers!
  •     Mobile – wordpress is fully mobile. Download the app for your mobile so long so that you can start blogging from your phone as soon as your blog has been migrated!
  •     Add several authors to your blog – allow guest authors to create posts for you to edit and publish to your blog
  •     A huge SEO boost (That’s Search Engine Optimisation for those of you not in the know) to help your blog rank well on search engines
  •     Get excited by to see what fabulousness is in store

 We will keep you updated every step of the way, so for now you just have to watch this space.

Important notice:

Please don’t change your details during the next two weeks, as we don’t want to lose your blog during our migration!

Also, make sure you back up your blog/subscriber list roll. I’d suggest you create a document and save the links of all the blogs you have in your roll, as this won’t be migrated to WordPress.

Also note the following:

Your own themes and images for the look and feel of your blog – save them now, they will not be carried over. You will just have to re-insert them into your new blog

– your friendships will not be carried over and you will have to re-connect on the new platform

I’ll make sure to post more details as follows, but for now, make sure you read through this carefully – and if you have any questions, to let me know.

Until next time.

Questions? E-mail  

Ahhhhchooo!!!! It’s that time of year again….

May 29, 2012 in Uncategorized

If winter is already making herself known to you in ways other than making you crave hot chocolate and cosy nights in front of the TV then best you get started on some winter preparations to ward off the seasonal colds and flu that accompany her chilly return. 

Before you get too freaked out though, read this article to see whether it’s a cold or the flu that has you feeling under the weather. Yes, there is a difference! :)

If you were one of the clever ones who prepared for winter and had their flu jab early enough you might be lucky enough to escape unscathed this winter. But if you can already feel the tingly nose and scratchy throat of a cold starting, make sure you get stocked up on lots of fresh fruit and veggies to keep your body fuelled for the fight ahead and check out these easy home remedies to sooth that aching throat.

If all else fails and you’re struck down with it, read here on how to bounce back as quickly as you can

Keep warm and here’s wishing you all a cold- and flu-free winter!! :)

Update on the blog migration

May 15, 2012 in Uncategorized

Greetings Bloggers!

Just a quick note to let you know there’s been some updates regarding the blog migration.

Click here to read the post and find out more about where all the blogs are moving and when. We’re not moving YET, but we will keep you posted when the migration will happen.


So carry on bloggin like normal and as soon as we know more we’ll pass it on.


Happy blogging y’all!

Get, up, stand up.. stand up for your life…

May 7, 2012 in Uncategorized

How long have you been sitting at your computer now? Be honest...

According to the experts, we all spend too much time sitting, and considering the majority of office-workers are pretty much chained to their computers for the better part of every day it’s not surprising that all this sitting and not much moving around is now coming back to bite us in our sedentary little behinds.

This article certainly scared us into getting up from our desks more regularly during the day – and may have even inspired a few of our colleagues to dust off the old gym-pass as well. It documents a few studies which have shown that sitting is not only bad for our health, but too much of it can actually be quite deadly.
Scared yet? Don’t worry, it’s not all set in stone and by following the easy-to-do advice in this article  you will not only get that blood flowing every now and then in the office but perhaps even tone up a few flabby areas while you’re at it. Win-win no?
But if all of this is just a little too overwhelming to dive right into, start by just taking regular breaks from checking your e-mails as this study suggests which will not only help reduce your stress levels but help you focus on your work a little better without the constant interruptions.
Now take a deep breath and step away from the computer…

Shopping queen or take-away king?

April 23, 2012 in Uncategorized

We recently asked our fans on our Facebook page if they planned their meals for the week. The response was a mixed one of people who had planned their meals for the next month to those who weren’t sure what they even had planned for that night’s meal.

Are you one of the super-organised planners who have a shopping list and meal plan worked out every week that you stick to religiously or do you prefer to wing it and see what tasty treats the cupboard and fridge hold when you hear your tummy rumbling?

There is no right or wrong answer, as long as you’re not reaching for the take-away menu more often than you’re cooking a healthy home
-cooked meal. As this article shows, there are lots of ways to prepare healthy, quick meals no matter how hectic your schedule is. Although if the take-away menu is a regular on your schedule, read more here on how to make the best choices when eating out.

For the dedicated shopper check out this article for help on how to decipher food labels to make sure you’re buying the best produce you can and make sure you’re including some of these tasty and healthy foods in your basket.

If you’re still not sure how to plan ahead and make sure your diet is as healthy as it can be, why not post a question to our lovely DietDoc and ask her for some advice. Being healthy doesn’t have to be hard work!

Image: Low GI foods from Shutterstock

Easter nom nom’s…

April 3, 2012 in Uncategorized

Whether you’re going away for the Easter weekend or staying at home the good news is that you can indulge in chocolate to your heart’s content. Well… almost.  
See, we figure since this study showed that finds that people who eat chocolate regularly are often slimmer than folks who don’t indulge their sweet tooth (awesome, right?!) and then this report showed that no less than 18 chocolate-focused studies found that cocoa may have a positive effect on  blood pressure, heart disease, painful nerve disorders and cancer risk… there has possibly never been a better time to crack that Easter egg and dig in.
However – and there is always a ‘however’ – everything in moderation, so if you’re keen on indulging but you’re worried about risking all your healthy-eating efforts for a few nibbles of chocolaty yummieness then check out this slideshow which we kindly put together to give you a breakdown of the kilojoule content of some of the most popular chocolate Easter treats on offer. 
What’s your favourite Easter treat?

(Image: iStock)

Colours, textures and smells

March 23, 2012 in Uncategorized

The juice of a mango, sticky and sweet. The sour bite of a pickle. Creamy cool yoghurt. Crispy sliced apples.

Textures are a bit part of what helps us enjoy a healthy meal, and with a mixture of crunchy, smooth, firm and soft, our mouths are delighted.

The same applies to a variety of colour on the plate, and of course to the smells that tempt our noses.

So it’s not surprising to read research that says we are highly influenced by what we see and smell. Not only do smells affect how big a bite we take, according to this Dutch research, but pictures of food can also affect our appetites in a very direct way.

Let’s use all those cues to our advantage so we don’t just put any old rubbish in our mouths, but only what feels, tastes and looks yummy.

Happy-making moments

March 12, 2012 in Uncategorized

  (Photo: Woman jumping on Shutterstock)

Children have a wonderful way of getting really excited by small things. A baby’s whole body convulses with glee at the sight of his older brother. A toddler screams with excitement when faced with the swings. Even a 12-year-old can break into a happy dance at the realisation that it’s only one week to the school holidays.

As adults we don’t always allow ourselves to feel that joy – and even worse, we will try to get children to calm down. “Just calm down!” we say, as if positive emotions are all just too overwhelming for us.

How about this? The next time something grabs you as a positive, don’t calm down. Be excited, enjoy the rush of joy – and even do a happy dance if the urge strikes. Because life’s too short to spend it calming down

Finding a balance

February 21, 2012 in Uncategorized

If it’s good for you, then more of it must be even better, right?

That seems to be a trap some of us fall into, swopping our somewhat excess use of chocolate or alcohol for an unhealthy obsession with spinning or sugar-free gum.

Ideally, though, we need to keep a bit of perspective, tread lightly, and not subject our bodies to excess and extremes.

Are you an all or nothing type? Try to see the world in terms of a glass half-full sometimes… (Three quarters in this case…)

Watch the work trap

January 30, 2012 in Uncategorized

You started the year with a spring in your step, determined to keep a balance in your life and not be engulfed. But too soon you find yourself working through lunch instead of taking that refreshing walk, or staying just an hour later so you can get ahead on that project.

Of course, there are times in most of our careers that those extra hours really will make-or-break the success of the day’s work. But before you plan to stay late, ask yourself to be brutally honest: Is this REALLY something you can’t do tomorrow?

And the same applies to taking work home. Even if it stays in your briefcase, you won’t be able to really relax if you feel you should be tackling an outstanding task.

You don’t have to believe us, just look at the research that shows that depression is more common in people who work overtime.

Today’s deal: No more overtime for no particular reason, right? Right!

None of this:

And loads more of this:

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