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Weighty issues

January 13, 2013 in Uncategorized


This is a lovely message that I got on Facebook from my mom yesterday. Last time I looked in the mirror, I didn’t see a double chin and no one else can see what she’s seeing either. Yes, I am a bit overweight, I won’t even try to deny that but the only places you can see that are my stomach and thighs.

She makes it sound as though losing weight is something that will happen if you just think about it. It’s almost as if she wants me to go and get all the fat chopped off. I tell her that I try to eat healthy and that I’m going to gym (I won’t lie, I have been very bad in that regard recently). I’ve even told her that weight gain is a common side effect of Epilim that I take but she won’t hear any of it.

According to her, I’m just a lazy bum who like to eat a lot hence why I’m so fat. I hear it so often and it gets to a person. At a point, it affected me so much that I became bulimic. I realised that I was being stupid though and after a lot of will power I managed to kick it. She just doesn’t understand how touchy a topic it is with me.

Yes, she’s a mom and wants what’s best for me but I think that she’s just being unfair now. I have been trying but obviously it’s not good enough for her.

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  1. Oh dear, Jerk! But as long as you take good care of yourself as much as possible. All the best.

  2. Never been good enough for my mother either. It is something one just has to make peace with. Instead of stressing about whether or not you do have a double chin, just accept her comment comes from that place – the one where you will never be good enough for her. My mum, either when she is visiting me or over the phone, criticises me 24/7. When I was slender she said I was skinny and unhealthy. When I went to gym and got fit she said I looked manly and unattractive. When I stopped gymming and upped my food intake to gain curvy weight she said I was fat and ungainly. She criticises my weight, my hair, my curtains, my small tv, my cooking, my child-rearing, my friends, my place of work, my car and the size of my home. She criticises the way I tie my child’s pigtails and the fact that we keep a pet ‘(disgusting and unhealthy to have a guinea pig’). When I get home late she asks if I was drunk in bar somewhere. When she sees a guy looking at me she says he probably just wants s*x from me. She cites people who have achieved things I have not, basically asking why I was not born somebody else. I used to want to lock myself away and cry – or just shake with rage – but I have accepted that I will never be good enough for her. It is either it can cause me lifelong depression or I can rise above it. To fully embrace her eternal displeasure with me, will kill me if I allow it to.

  3. Family members always seem to hit a nerve, even with the best of intentions. Just keep on doing your best, it’s all anyone can ask!

    • Sometimes I feel my best isn’t good enough for them but it’s my life so as long as it’s good for me, then I think it’s fine

  4. Hi there, losing weight is not an issue to be taken lighly. I’ve had a baby in 4/2011 and although I did not put a lot of weight on with the pregnancy, I’ve become depressed (without knowing it) and have put on all the kilo’s that I’ve lost. My husband is on my case now and quite honestly, the weight issue has now come between us. It is just so difficult. So all that I want to say is good luck and keep trying.

  5. Are you male or female (I don’t like to assume)?

    If you’re a man, you might want to look into regular outdoor sunbathing and/or high-end vitamin D3 supplements. I dropped 40 pounds within six weeks of moving to a sunny beachfront condo where I could work from my balcony, under the sun’s rays while wearing no shirt.

    The reason for the weight loss was a significant boost to my testosterone levels brought on by the increased vitamin D levels from the sun exposure.

    I’ve kept the weight off for the year that I’ve now resided at my beachfront condo.

    If you don’t trust supplements, by all means get out in the sun. The sun exposure is healthy for women too, although it won’t raise their testosterone levels, which in men leads to weight loss.

    • I’m female and I’m unfortunately stuck in an office all day. I do try go outside during lunch time just to see a but of daylight

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