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Vitamins, are they for real?

February 6, 2013 in Uncategorized

Everyday, I will religiously take my vitamins. There is the omega 3, 6 and 9; a women’s multi-vitamin; calcium and a vitamin C tablet thrown in for good measure. At my “favourite” time of the month, I also add in some iron for good measure. With all these pills with a pretty decent diet and some exercise thrown in every now and again, you would expect that I would be in pretty good shape. Unfortunately that’s not the case.

The vitamin C doesn’t seem to provide my immune system with a boost as I still mange to get a summer cold even though no one around me is sick. The omega doesn’t seem to help with my brain either, my memory and concentration are just as bad as they were before I started taking the stuff. The vitamin E in the multi-vitamin doesn’t seem to be helping my eyes and the B12 doesn’t seem to be doing much either. I could go on with this list forever but I think that I’ve made my point.

I spend almost R250 on this stuff every month and yet it doesn’t really seem to be doing anything. It makes me wonder if taking the stuff is actually supposed to help or is it all just a marketing ploy…

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  1. Have you checked with your doctor that you’re taking the right vitamins for you and in the right doses? Sometimes the ‘natural’ route takes a bit longer to work :)

  2. It’s the proverbial peeing money against the wall!

  3. The reason for that is probably because you are taking synthetic vitamins. Most of the stuff you buy on the shelf in your pharmacies are synthetics and its quite scary how they manufactured. It is a proven fact that most synthetics are manufactured from petroleum or coal tar, they cheap and have a long shelf life but I need not explain why your body won’t absorb much of it and why they probably not that good for you. In fact see if you can find any scientific proof of the brand you using’s efficacy, I doubt you will. Your body requires vitamins and minerals from real food sources, not synthetics. There are, although few, real food supplements available but they tend to be more expensive although your body will actually absorb and use them.

  4. Sounds like you are looking for a magic bullet? Rather go and see your gp for tests regarding what your body has a shortage of. Never make the mistake of thinking these vitamins and minerals do nothing, just because you can’t see its effects. Rather take one high quality multivitamin and see what your gp says after the tests. Much of the “supplements” on our shelves are gimmicks but some you really do need if you are not getting them from your normal dietary intake.

  5. Jerk, I whole heartily agree with you. I have tried them to no avail. The last couple of months I have forced my grandson to take omega 3 every day, but I can not see any improvement in his school word. He still can’t concentrate or remember stuff. I think any supplements in pill form are duds. If you can’t take it in in fresh fruits or veggies or whatever, you might as well just quit taking it at all.

  6. I guess there’s a fine balance. Not to overdo things (and waste money) but also to know what your individual needs are (what your body actually needs). I try to eat healthily but because I don’t eat any fish, I know that I’m not getting enough omega 3’s. So I take my multivitamin every day plus omega 3’s. I’m a nervous anxious type, and my omega 3 supplement definitely helps for that.

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