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The power of sensuality is rooted in intimacy.
The power of sensuality is expressed in intimacy.

Sensuality, in every one of its myriad and beautiful expressions of sight and sound, touch, feel and smell, connects to the heart, runs through the heart, drifts over the heart.
Conscious sensuality, that is.

Sensuality heals, through the Heart Touch.
It carries intimacy from one being to another. From one heart, one breath, one look, one word.
It flows from deep in your being.
It sinks your hand into their skin, the boundaries of separation melt away.
Its gentleness begins to part the layers that keep the hurt trapped inside.
Its strokes, so slow, relax, deeply. They draw the mind away to a place where there is just the body.
And in this place the body begins to release, to soften.
The energy flows, moving that which is blocked.
The connection is respect and honouring of their journey. The intimate sensuality allows your being to talk to theirs, to allow their journey to unfold as it will.

Sensuality reveals.
It removes the layers that have hidden our true selves.
It peels away the masks that stop our eyes seeing a greater vision.
It frees our voice to speak a greater truth.

Sensuality expands.
It allows us to feel more, become more.
In every way.

To heal in this way, to grow in this way, is entering into a sacred contract.
For we reveal ourselves, each to each other.
And the healer is healed.
And the healer grows.

Tantric Sensuality is Intimate.
In intimacy is possibility, endless possibility…





We are releasing a new DVD next week, An Introduction to Tantric Sensuality.

This explains what Tantra is and guides you through a series of beautiful, practical, sensual, connecting  experiences that will enhance the intimacy of your relationship, deepen the connection with your partner and give you a beautiful new experience of each other.

The DVD will be released at R280, a special offer for this week only of R200, postage included.

To order, make a payment to: Sensual Reality, Standard bank, Rivonia, Code 001255, Acc 420006427.




Learn to ride this wave of pleasure, explore a new understanding of sexuality and step into a new dimension of possibility.

Tues 16th Aug, 7pm, The Bedroom, ^7 6th St, Parkhurst, R300/person.  





We are taking a stand at SEXPO in Durban and have to change the workshop dates.


Mon 22nd Aug: Expanded Orgasmic Wave, 7 pm, The Soul Sanctuary, 124 Florida Rd, Morningside, R300/person.

Tues 23rd Aug: Awakening the Erotic Spirit, 6:30 pm, The Bedroom, Umhlanga, R300/person.


We need a TV set for the stand at SEXPO, if you’re able to help with this, please let me know.

I may also be doing a Sensual Massage demo at SEXPO each day, if you’d like the adventure of being a model for this, just doing the massage on your back, please let me know.


Attached to this is a half-off voucher for the 1st day of SEXPO in Durban, I hope you’ll come and say hi.





The Tantric Double Goddess Massage is bringing so much pleasure, such healing and growth to women, we’ve shared more beautiful feedback below.

We are now also offering Taoist Sexual Energy Massage for couples.




Jonti is a Tantra Teacher & Sensualist. He offers workshops, talks, private and group lessons in the field of sexuality & sensuality. He assists singles, couples and groups in healing, creating a deeper connection, intimacy, pleasure and the magic between sex and spirituality. His tailor made programmes incorporate Tantra, coaching, bodywork, meditation, and practical exercises. He has extensive media coverage with the latest being the Sunday Times; Shape Magazine and You Pulse. He appears on Kaya FM on the first Wednesday of every month at 21.00.








Sensual is the keyword. Understand, on arrival, you will be completely smothered with hugs and feel very comfortable with the environment. Jonti and Anne-Marie pop out of their space and surround you with openness and warmth. It feels like you have known them forever and you set the pace at your leisure. Firstly, you chat and get comfortable with what is about to happen. Those butterflies that you felt before rest easily and your curiosity is dealt with in an honest and non evasive manner. Don’t
feel shy to ask questions as nothing is off the topic.
The room is warm and there is no feeling of intimidation. Both Jonti and Anne-Marie have no hidden agendas. You are made to feel like you are beautiful, no matter what. You are their focus. It is all in how you allow yourself to feel and how you perceive sensuality.
The massage begins once you have connected and feel comfortable with the process. It is warm hands that softly flow over your body. The hands feel like they are entwined with each other. The heat from their energy flows through your body and a person cannot help but feel a sense of passion plunging throughout every sensory gland.
As they slowly massage your body, you relax and your mind moves away to a comfortable space. Be prepared to be massaged in unordinary places. You are under no pressure to speak or say anything unless you prefer. The massage is done according to what you will allow and how your body reacts. If you are not comfortable with a full body massage – and I mean full, you may slow it down to your pace.
The massage comes to an end and Jonti and Anne-Marie leave the room so that you can get dressed and gather your composure. They then re enter the room and have a chat.
I left feeling comfortable, sexy and fulfilled. The energy was high and the space was safe. I would think that anyone who has emotional turmoil may share some tears and those who are in a happy space would probably walk out on a high. Either way, this is a very sensual massage, heightening feelings and allowing you to share.
Would I go back… without a flicker of doubt!


Field of Possibilities

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 Tantra is the field of possibilities.


In this field exists love and fear.

And the choice we make on what to feel, where we choose to live and express ourselves from.

The fear is contracting, the love is expanding.

The fear keeps us trapped, the love frees us.


The fear comes from a place of masks and personas. What we create out of the fear of not being loved. What we do to get love, to be accepted.

What we think we need to do, what we’ve done for so long.

We’ve given ourselves away to the fear, to the masks.

And in this we’ve moved so far away from who we are that sometimes we’ve forgotten this, forgotten ourselves.

We thought that if we please somebody else, we’ll be loved.


That’s not love.

It can’t be.

And you cannot make anybody else happy.

It takes you further from yourself, makes you more of something, of someone your not.

And as much as it traps you, it traps the other.

It holds you in a place that has no truth.

In truth, this place is so fragile, so delicate, because inside we know, we know.

And we hold onto it because sometimes it’s all we know.

We won’t, we can’t let go.

Because we have no idea what else there could be, because we’ve lived with it for so long, most of us since childhood.


And then something happens, love happens.

In some way, we feel something, we see something, a glimpse, a light, a possibility.

A feeling that there may be something else.

There may be something else, there may be a possibility of seeing without the veil of fear.

And in a moment it changes, we change.

The manifestation of this change may take time.

To remove the masks may take time, often there are many.

And as we do, reveal ourselves, newborn each time, blinking in the light, sensitive to touch, shivering in anticipation at the promise of more.

For once we have taken a breath, a deep breath, released it deeper than we ever have, allowed ourselves to expand, even as little as a an extra breath, which in truth may be as much as the universe for some, we know we can do it again, we can do more.

The fear is broken.


The journey to love has begun.

It takes the time it takes, small steps, big steps, slowly, quicker.

Once you’ve seen it, felt it, you know, you know.

And you choose, choose with awareness, to love, to live with love.


This is freedom in the field of possibilities, of life of Tantra.




We have launched a new website, please visit it and tell us what you think:




What Tantra and Tantric sex are really about, the sexual-spiritual connection, Tantra for single people, Tantric healing…
Come share a glass of wine in a sensual space as we dip into this exciting world.
Thurs 11th Aug, 6:30 for 7
The Bedroom, 67 6th St, Parkhurst.
Booking is essential.



The Expanded Orgasmic Wave gives you a new way of looking at pleasure and the practical technique to express it. We generally see orgasm as an event, a goal, something that happens then it’s over. This teaches you how a woman can be in an orgasmic state for over an hour, and offers men a range of experiences including how to have orgasms without ejaculating, allowing men to have multiple orgasms. The technique is demonstrated on latex models in a fun and safe space with much laughter. This workshop is for singles and couples, booking is essential.

Date: Tues 16th Aug

Time: 7 pm, +- 2 ½ hrs

Cost: R300/person

Venue: The Bedroom, Parkhurst 


Look out for the interview with us in SONDAG newspaper on Sunday, there’s also a DVD give-away with the interview.

There’s also  a review of the Double Tantric Goddess Massage on the Women and Home website, we’ve put it at the bottom of the newsletter.




We have found beautiful new workspace at The Bedroom in Parkhurst.

The shop is at 67 6th St, c/r 2nd Ave.

To celebrate this, we are offering a 10% discount for the next two weeks on any purchases made there, just tell them that you’re a friend of Jonti’s.



More detailed info on the workshops is attached to the email.

Mon 22nd Aug: Tantra Evolution – An Introduction

Tues 23rd Aug: Expanded Orgasmic Wave

Wed 24th Aug:  Sexual Healing

Thurs 25th Aug: Awakening the Erotic Spirit

Sat 27th Aug: Tantric Sensual Massage

Sun 28th Aug: Taoist Sexual Energy Massage




This is one of the deepest, most beautiful gifts you as a woman can give your self.

The combination of masculine and feminine energies creates a space for a sensual experience that flows into the dimensions of healing, release, expansion and pleasure.

It is so difficult for many women to simply receive, to allow themselves to feel, to accept the love offered and experience your beauty.

Anne-Marie and I have created this time of beauty for you to feel, if for but a few moments, the Goddess you are.



The 3 CD set, just under 4 hours of talks on Tantra, Relationships, Men, Women, Sensuality, Sexual Body work and Healing is R280.






Jonti is a Tantra Teacher & Sensualist. He offers workshops, talks, private and group lessons in the field of sexuality & sensuality. He assists singles, couples and groups in healing, creating a deeper connection, intimacy, pleasure and the magic between sex and spirituality. His tailor made programmes incorporate Tantra, coaching, bodywork, meditation, and practical exercises. He has extensive media coverage with the latest being the Sunday Times; Shape Magazine and You Pulse. He appears on Kaya FM on the first Wednesday of every month at 21.00.

Tantric Massage with Jonti Searll


When I was invited by Jonti to experience his “Tantric Massage” and do a write up on it for Hot Courses website, I was very apprehensive at first.


But after meeting Jonti and Anne-Marie – with hugs, not handshakes – I felt more at ease.


I was escorted into a warm cosy room with a futon on the floor, scatter cushions and candles.


Jonti and Anne-Marie explained the procedure to me and what I was to expect. I felt more relaxed and opened my mind to this new experience completely.


Tantra Sacred Massage is a sensual, healing massage which takes place in a ritualised form and given in an atmosphere of reverence and respect. It is a loving massage given from the heart to the heart. You are welcomed and accepted as you are, no matter what your looks are, your culture sexual orientation or your faith.

Tantra Sacred Massage 
works with the innate body energy, the chakras on the front of the body and the Kundalini on the back. Sexual energy, understood as life’s force, is moved upwards, generally from the base chakra to the heart chakra on the front of the body and from the base of the spine up the back.


Every part of the body is touched, as Tantra includes everything and does not exclude anything. In addition to being extremely relaxing and sensual, negative self-images and feelings including past sexual and other hurts, can be melted away by the loving touch you receive in this massage. Experiencing this massage can have a healing effect. As the body holds memories, negative experiences make themselves known through various problems and discomforts of the body. Tantra is not a medicine and does not eliminate medical consultation for such problems. What it does however, is heal or transform through the experience of loving Tantric touch and in doing so, negative manifestations on the body as well as the emotional level are able to melt away, making you physically, spiritually and emotionally a more balanced person. 

Tantra Sacred Massage also addresses various sexual problems (lack of sexual energy, pre-mature ejaculation, erection difficulties, the lack of orgasms, over- or desensitized G-spot etc.), as well as sexual hurt. Various enhancing aspects to your sexuality can be learnt (e.g. expanded orgasms, full body orgasms etc.). The massage can result in orgasm, this is however not the aim of the massage.

Often results are felt after a single session, however repeated sessions will allow a deepening of the experience, a slow transformation of your being and also teach you what Tantra is about. Over a series of sessions, which take place over a period of time and in a frequency you determine, a mutually trusting working relationship is able to grow.

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