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Healing & Growth Newsletter

November 28, 2011 in Uncategorized

Sexual Bodywork for Growth

One of the principles of Tantra, of Taoist sexuality, of High or Conscious Sex is that of using sexual energy for more than just pleasure. Not that there’s anything wrong with ‘just pleasure’, it’s often a limited experience.


One such beautiful use of this energy is for personal growth and exploration, to experience different aspects of ourselves. On your own, in a relationship, it’s not closed to anyone. 


Let’s begin with a brief look at the difference between healing and growth, if there is a difference at all.

On one level there is none, they’re the same thing, growth facilitates healing, healing leads to growth.

On another level healing implies the presence of a problem, a situation or condition that needs to be fixed, removed, changed etc.


However, once many problems such as lack of libido, premature ejaculation, inability to have orgasms, erection problems, painful sex, lack of intimacy etc have been ‘sorted out’, we’re able to look at growth.


I’d like to suggest growth as being a greater awareness of ourselves, the experience and integration of more  aspects of ourselves, a deeper understanding of who we are and what we do. (which sounds a great deal like healing, we can’t really get away from the connection.)


Sexual Bodywork in many forms, some more intimate than others, some working with chakra’s, some with meridians, use sexual energy to access different states of being that help us to the understandings and insights that growth brings us.

The processes help us shift awareness, expand our consciousness, deeply relax our being, allow our minds to be quiet for a few minutes to give space for the awareness to come to consciousness.


One of the defining principles of Tantra is that of non-judgment, where nothing is taboo, nothing is forbidden, because everything has the possibility of teaching us something about ourselves, about each other, our relationships and patterns.   

If we say that nothing is forbidden it can be taken to mean that anything is ok, I can go and do whatever I like.

But there’s no consciousness in that, no purpose. Therefore there’s no growth, knowledge or deeper understanding of our lives.


Conscious Sexuality creates these experiences with a purpose. They get us in touch with a particular aspect of ourselves, create something, reveal something, heal something, stretch a boundary, release something, bring us closer together, break a personal taboo, free us from an inhibition, challenge a belief…


The purpose and awareness allow us to acknowledge the different aspects of ourselves, and to integrate these into our being. The more of ourselves we see and know, the more whole we become.


The energy of pleasure, of sex, creates a space of love, which allows us the acceptance of these aspects of ourselves, even, sometimes particularly the shadow.

The more we can do this with love, the less power the inner demons have, because we can see what they bring to us, sometimes the most surprising gifts.


What a journey…


DVD Special

The Tantra Evolution DVD’s make a beautiful gift, for you and your partner, everybody benefits from the pleasure. It’s one of those things that the more you give, the more you will definitely receive!

The Tantra Evolution Box Set consisting of 6 titles, Expanded Orgasm, Introduction To Tantra, Simple Pleasures, Sensual Massage, Yoni Massage and Lingam Massage is available at R900 with a complimentary copy of our audiobook “Let’s Talk About Sex” to the first 15 people who order.


This is a great time of the year to learn some amazing sexual skills,that will enhance the pleasure and fun of your holiday. Join us on these exciting workshops coming up.


We look forward to sharing with you, and wish you so much pleasure…

Jonti & Anne-Marie



Johannesburg Workshops

Booking is essential to ensure your place at these workshops. Discount is given for attendance at more than one workshop.

To Book contact:

Jonti: 083 743 5129



The Expanded Orgasm Workshop

Tuesday Dec 6, 7pm

Singles and couples R300 per person


Conscious Self-Pleasuring Workshop

Thursday Dec 8, 7pm

Singles and couples R300 per person


Tantric Sensual Massage Workshop

Saturday Dec 10

R1800 per couple


Permission To Pleasure

Ladies only full day workshop

Sat 17th Dec R850 per woman


Cape Town

Jonti will be available from 17th December in Cape Town for lessons, healing and growth sessions.


Tantric mystic Bruce Lyon is holding a workshop in Cape Town on the 1st December, “Riding The Dragon” a journey into power. Explore the challenges of the spiritual warrior in this dance of power in the realms of money, sex and death.






For more detailed information on our workshops, visit:



Healing & Growth

November 21, 2011 in Uncategorized

We’d like to share some beautiful, powerful and personal words with you, that people we’re working with have shared with us.


This is important because it makes it possible for you. Their journey, our journey, is your journey.

For every person who decides that they can be happy, that they can be fulfilled, that they can have all the pleasure they know exists, that their bodies, hearts and spirits are connected, that they can live consciously. For every person who does this, they make it possible for others.


“Having been on a spiritual journey since 1995 and having learnt many healing techniques and having had many experiences, I have found that no healing can be complete without healing the sexual energy.  I have experienced expanded growth and the removal of many blocks since beginning to work with Jonti.  I was truly amazed at the spiritual shifts I have enjoyed and how powerful this experience is in terms of taking one to another level.”


For every woman who chooses to claim the Goddess she is, to claim the fullness of her femininity and power, she makes it possible for every other woman.


“My initiation intention of when I started this journey was to feel empowered sexually as a woman. I thought that by learning to satisfy a man sexually, this is the way I would feel empowered. Through the techniques and healing tools that I have been taught and utilizing, I have realized, that being empowered has nothing to do with someone else but that simply it’s all about me. When I know what I want, I allow myself to receive it. It changes the whole dynamic of being in situations that aren’t satisfying for myself or anybody else, for that matter!! To me, this is true empowerment!!”


For every man who chooses to claim the God he is, to claim the fullness of his masculinity and power, he makes it possible for every other man.


“Coming from an Afrikaans speaking “boertjie” culture I was taught sex is something you only do after you got married. This was the rule of thumb taught to you as a child at school, at the church and at home.


 Then I got married after school in the church and nobody then taught how to do what I have waited to do after getting married. One had to follow your instincts and what you saw in the media. This is empty, cheap and routine, nothing special.


 Only after crossing paths with Jonti Searll I was taught one of the biggest and most important lessons was that women differ from men. When approaching your mate, you must take into consideration the way in which the partner of the opposite gender may experience your advances, what the needs are and how your advances should have been.


 Most men are goal orientated, approach the female to stimulate her to an orgasm and the ultimate goal is to achieve an orgasm yourself. For women sexual intimacy is the end result of an emotional built up process over a period of time. She needs “to be” and wants to be allowed just “to be” in the moment without feeling the pressure of working towards any goal.”


For every couple who claim the sacred between them, who claim the depth of intimacy and power of connection, they make it possible for every other couple.


“Just some feedback to thank you both for the time you have spent with/for us thus far. Jonti for the professional manner in which you have led and conducted our sessions, the way that you put us at ease.


I want to thank Anne-Marie for her presence, as I think that that also allows the women to open up and share with both of you. The last session we had left me amazed at how well she interpreted my wife’s feelings and the level of touch and comfort that she shared with my wife was simply magical.


As for the healing process, I can see and feel a difference in attitude and eager participation from her side that was not always there before, She is much more willing to try new things and to enjoy what she does to the fullest. We do not only have more sex now but it is also better than before.  I have seen and experienced a change for the better in all aspects of her life and it has also motivated and influenced me in a positive manner”


For every person who chooses to know more of themselves, to explore the endless possibilities of pleasure, to celebrate life, to create moments of growth, to go beyond the limitations and inhibitions imposed upon them, to transcend the normal, to be themselves, true and strong. They make it possible for everyone else.


“I approached Jonti with the intention of finding my sensual self after an emotionally abusive  relationship left me feeling afraid of intimacy and sexually inadequate.


Jonti promised that his healing would change my life, and it is doing just that. Being in a trusting, safe space with Jonti, who very slowly and with great respect has ignited in me a yearning for real love and intimacy, and a confidence that I can own my sexuality and should settle for nothing less than real caring and respect.


Jonti’s hands are like a gentle fire that whispers on my skin.  The warmth and caring that emanates from his hands has been so soothing – it’s gone a long way in “stilling” the trauma in my body.


It took a while for me to relax completely and to feel again, but with Jonti’s patience and guidance I am now feeling the sensual side of me emerge.  It’s exciting! My healing with Jonti has allowed me to experience sensuality at a much deeper level than ever before.”


And for every person who would just like a little more from life, from relationships, from sex, you make it possible for every body else.


“When I started with this healing process I must be honest, I did it out of curiosity. Not thinking I would ever be “healed”. And then the more I understood it, the more I thought, hey maybe it could. But then I started to wait for it, trying to see a change, a physical change. But something strange is going on. Not something I was waiting for. I was waiting for a physical change, not realizing it could be mental or emotional change .I am starting to realize that I must do things for me, and not care what other people think about it. Not care about their reaction. Until I realized it for myself I would never believe how important it is for one to have that self worth. I am sure that as the sessions continue with Jonti and Anne-Marie I will start discovering more things and I am sure there is much more to heal. But I finally feel that truthfully that I have taken my first few steps


Because it’s not about changing the world. That happens from what we do. As we claim ourselves, our higher, highest selves, as we claim our holiness, our love, our absolute humanity, we make it possible for everyone else.


We teach our children a way of being that comes out of who we are. That’s real. That’s creating a world of possibilities, and the tools to the most we can be, all of us.


We so look forward to sharing with you, and wish you so much pleasure…

Jonti & Anne-Marie

Tantra Evolution also has a page on Facebook now,

And we’re on Twitter at “tantraevolution” too!


Johannesburg Workshops

Booking is essential to ensure your place at these workshops. Discount is given for attendance at more than one workshop.

To Book contact:

Jonti: 083 743 5129




G-Night Workshop includes Female Ejaculation

Thursday 24th November, 7pm

R300 per couple, for singles and couples

The G-Spot, in Tantra the Goddess Spot, is one of the great mysteries of female sexuality. It is the source of such pleasure, such deep pleasure, which includes not only G-spot orgasms but Deep Uterine Orgasms that can last for more than 3 or 4 minutes, and creates the fluid for another great mystery of sexuality, Female Ejaculation.

In the G-Night Workshop on Thurs, you will learn what the G-Spot is, where it is, how to find it, yours or hers, what prevents the deep pleasure experiences and the technique of Female Ejaculation.


The Expanded Orgasm Workshop

Tuesday Dec 6, 7pm

Singles and couples R300 per person


Conscious Self-Pleasuring Workshop

Thursday Dec 8, 7pm

Singles and couples R300 per person


Tantric Sensual Massage Workshop

Saturday Dec 10

R1800 per couple


Permission To Pleasure

Ladies only full day workshop

Sat 17th Dec R850 per woman


Cape Town

Jonti will be available from 17th December in Cape Town for lessons, healing and growth sessions.


For any more detailed information on our workshops, visit:

Workshop Newsletter & Healing Discoveries

November 14, 2011 in Uncategorized

Workshop Newsletter

We have 2 important workshops this week. They’re important because of what they have to offer.


The Expanded Orgasm Workshop gives you a very different perspective and practice on pleasure. The workshop includes sexual communication, a great deal of genital information and the possibility of an expansion of pleasure and intimacy that is almost unbelievable. It teaches some fundamental ideas about men and women that enhance and deepen your understanding of the opposite sex. Beyond all the deep philosophical stuff, Expanded Orgasm gives you the tools to give pleasure to a man or woman that takes this to a new level. On one hand, it’s a simple technique, on the other it has enormous subtlety to explore for years to come.


The workshop is for singles and couples, fun, with lots of laughs and learning.


The Tantric Sensual Massage Workshop is an experiential journey for couples into the depths and heights of intimacy and pleasure. There is so much about sex and sensuality that nobody teaches us, about how men and women view these, and what each other actually wants. There are ways of touching, of connecting, understanding sexual energy, of the body and the way energy moves, of the sexual fire that can make these experiences truly special, expressions of real lovemaking.


So, why are these workshops important?


Beyond what’s been said, there’s something vital to understand. So much of our work is helping people with sexual and relationship problems. So many of these problems can be avoided by learning some skills and tools that help us deal with the issues. Of all the education that we get, nobody teaches us to be good lovers and how to have good relationships.


This is one of the most important aspects of life. It has impact on every part of our being, our happiness, our creativity, our health and well-being, our spirituality.


Healing News


An important part of our journey is our commitment to helping people heal, grow, and learn about themselves. To do this, we’re constantly learning and trying new things. We have developed a very deep new healing experience that is bringing the release of many issues. Some of these are almost life long, and very deep rooted. Anne-Marie has called this experience YETE (Yoni Expansion Technique Experience)

The tissues of the Yoni hold trauma caused by emotional and physical experiences. These experiences can cause pain during sex, internal tension, lack of libido and inability or difficulty to have orgasms amongst other things. YETE has been instrumental in helping release many of these issues, and as an extension, a huge release in self – knowledge and pleasure.


We so look forward to sharing with you, and wish you so much pleasure…..

Jonti & Anne-Marie



Johannesburg Workshops

Booking is essential for these workshops. Discount is given for attendance at more than one workshop. 

Contact Jonti: 083 743 5129 or


The Expanded Orgasm Workshop

Wednesday 16th November, 7pm

R300 per person, for singles and couples


The Tantric Sensual Massage Workshop 

Saturday 19th November

Full day workshop, includes lunch

R1800 per couple

G-Night Workshop includes Female Ejaculation

Thursday 24th November, 7pm

R300 per couple, for singles and couples


Cape Town

Jonti will be available from 17th December in Cape Town for lessons, healing and growth sessions.



What Magnificent Men we can be!

November 14, 2011 in Uncategorized

An important aspect of the journey for almost every woman who comes to share a healing journey with us, is reclaiming her Yoni. Establishing a relationship and taking back a part of herself, that was mostly separate from the rest of her being.


This is very different from men’s relationship with their Lingam (Penis), so I always thought.

Last week, I had a revelation about this.

Men don’t have an emotional relationship with their Lingam.

The connection is functional, at best it includes a level of pleasure which is mostly external, and is filled with “Macho Mythology”. This relationship is also and often run through with anxiety and fear.


It’s true that through sheer body geography men have a more direct and easier relationship with their genitals. We touch it more in the course of a day, in ways that have nothing to do with sex. It’s external, more visible than a Yoni. We see it, we’re aware of it.

Intellectually aware, recognition aware.

Not emotionally aware.


For most men, sex is a genital experience.

It’s body limited, all the sensation is in the Lingam and the pelvis. Occasionally there’s a heart connection, but that’s external. That’s the connection with a partner.


But it’s not with my own heart.

There’s no tenderness, there’s no gentleness, there’s no sensuality in terms of My Self, and My Lingam.

Me as a sexual and sensual being in my own right.


The ownership is goal oriented, erection and orgasm. Which is functional.

We’ve made it emotional by saying that when we’ve done that, when we’ve achieved that, that’s the sexual expression of being a man fulfilled.


The fear and anxiety of size, performance and pressure to please a partner is all directed outwards. We haven’t taken emotional ownership of ourselves as sexual beings.


The impact of this, is limitation, severe limitation of our feelings, our sensations, and our experiences.

Full body orgasms, multiple orgasms, expanded orgasmic states, Lingam Heart opening, Slow Union, melting orgasms, sexual meditation, all of these are inaccessible.

They’re for women, and a few weird Tantric dudes.


We can have so much more, much deeper, more satisfying and more fulfilling experiences. For Ourselves. We can know much more of ourselves, express and experience more of ourselves.

Which allows us to share more with our partners.

Which allows what’s between us, what we touch, feel and share, to expand.

For there to be more between us, because there’s more within us.


What magnificent men we can be!

Slow Union

November 1, 2011 in Uncategorized

Slow Union is a way of making love that is the interface of sexuality and spirituality, love expressed through the body, through Slow, Sacred Union.


Let’s begin with a definition of making love as opposed to having sex.

I’ve come to define sex as a goal-oriented genital activity, the goal usually being orgasm.

Making Love defines itself. Making Love.

At the end of the experience, which can linger for days, there will be more love than when we began.

A vital aspect, a defining aspect of Making Love is intimacy.

Sex is often not intimate. He gets an erection, you open your legs, you have sex, it’s nice, it’s great, it’s lousy, it’s sex.

When we focus on the goal, on reaching orgasm, we’re not in the moment, we’re not present.

And if we’re not present we can’t be intimate.


Intimate means that we have to be open. Heart and spirit, open to giving and receiving, a flow within yourself, between you and your lover.

You reveal yourself, allow yourself, your secret self to be seen.

Slow Union opens the circuit.


It softens your body.

Yoni, the flower feminine, welcomes, opens, spreads.

Her veils drop, one by one, revealing her beauty, her truth.


Lingam, the masculine wand, sheds its defences.

Hard becomes firm, a core of heat, of strength.


Slow Union is expanding.

Love is expanding.

In the softening, in the deep relaxation, energy paths open.

Liquid heat, subtle energy, melting sensation spreads.


Slow Union is meditation.

Slow Union is prayer.

There is sacred intention, which raises the body to the manifestation of the God and Goddess.


Slow Union is allowing.

Slow Union is being.

There is giving and receiving in the same breath.

In this, a place beyond you and I, there is a melting, a merging of masculine and feminine into a oneness.


Slow Union is healing.

The opening creates a natural release.

We become more of who we are, in truth.

The masks are removed, and beauty and power show themselves.


Slow Union is pleasure, deep pleasure.

A pleasure that knows no words.

A pleasure that we were born to.

A pleasure that we know, somewhere inside of us, we know.

A pleasure that’s accessible to all of us.



Slow Union is based on ancient principles of sexuality and energy, expressed in a way that offers a simple path to deep connection, intimacy, incredible pleasure and the higher states of sexuality.


We’re going to share the principles and some of the practice of Slow Union in The Art of Lovemaking workshop on 10th November.

As a special offer, because some of the principles and practice of Tantra are connected to Slow Union, both workshops (8th and 10th November) are being offered for R500.

Booking is essential.


JOHANNESBURG WORKSHOPS  Booking for these workshops is essential. Discounts are available for attending more than one workshop





This workshop begins with the principles of Tantra Evolution, which gives a framework for relationships and sexual experiences

R300 per person, singles and couples





This workshop focuses on sexual skills, beginning with the exquisite art of oral pleasure for men and women. Slow Union and The Love Dance, based on years of research, show you how to heighten and intensify intimacy and pleasure and give you keys for women to orgasm during lovemaking.


EXPANDED ORGASMIC WAVE, Wednesday 16th November 7 PM, R300/PERSON.

The Expanded Orgasmic Wave gives you a new way of looking at pleasure and the practical technique to express it. We generally see orgasm as an event, a goal, something that happens then it’s over. This teaches you how a woman can be in an orgasmic state for over an hour, and offers men a range of experiences including how to have orgasms without ejaculating, allowing men to have multiple orgasms. The technique is demonstrated on latex models in a fun and safe space with much laughter. This workshop is for singles and couples.


Tantric Sensual Massage Workshop, Saturday 19th November R1800 per couple

A practical journey for couples, into the exciting pleasures of Sensual Massage. The workshop includes the principles of Sensual Touch and Massage, Energy Connection Massage, The Heart Touch, Bliss Body Massage, Building the Sexual Fire and Full Body Sensual Massage.

R1800 per couple


The G-Night, Including Female Ejaculation

Wednesday 23rd November, 7pm, R300/Person

An informative and exciting evening on the G-Spot. What it is, where it is, how to find it, G-Spot Healing, Deep Stimulation Techniques for heightened states of pleasure, and the technique for female ejaculation. This workshop is for singles and couples.




We so look forward to sharing with you, and wish you so much pleasure..

Jonti & Anne-Marie



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