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The Year

December 14, 2011 in Uncategorized

 A line from one of my favourite authors, Walter Mosley, ‘A life worth remembering is sometimes hell to live.’


I know that’s what the year has been for many people as I sit watching the sky, the magical time between day and night.


I reflect on what has been, the Goddess who has come into my life, the new life we are building, the magic and adventures we are living, the places we’ve been, the people we’ve connected with, shared with.


Each moment of sharing is an honour, for the space of teaching is also the space of learning, the space of talking is also the space of listening, the space of giving is also the space of receiving.


The space of pleasure has taken us, and so many we’ve shared with, to places where the words we have are not adequate to describe the experiences.


As we have expanded growth, healing, release, understanding, freedom, learning, intimacy, communication, sharing, we are committed to so, even more. We have so much to offer you.


For our journey is your journey, and your journey is ours. Every person we share with, in whatever way, is sharing with all, because every person who chooses to take a step towards a life fulfilled, makes it possible for everyone else. The more courage there is, the more courage there is. The more consciousness there is, the more consciousness is available, is possible.


And the more pleasure there is.


We wish that you live as the person you are becoming, as the beauty and power of who you can be, in whatever way that is for you. We offer our what we know, what we have. The paths we have walked and walk further.


We wish you peace. We wish you laughter and love.

We wish you gentleness.


And we wish you so much pleasure…


Jonti and Anne-Marie.


We are available for lessons, massage and sessions during December.


We’d like to offer you a gift, a process that we use in our healing work, and something we teach.


Tantric Polarity Chakra Balance


This is a beautiful, calming and balancing exercise that you can do on your own or with a partner. You can use this as a meditation, balancing your chakra energy system. This can be complete, for yourself, or you and your partner. You can also use this before making love or self-pleasuring. This will balance and open energy flow, relaxing you for a deeper experience.


All you need to know for this is that a chakra is an energy centre, there are 7 major centre’s, accessed through areas on the front of the body.


We’re going to use the perineum, the area between your genitals and anus for the 1st chakra, genitals for the 2nd, solar plexus is 3rd, heart centre is in the middle of your chest, throat is the 5th, 3rd eye in the middle of your forehead is the 6th, crown of the head is th 7th.


Doing it with a partner, sit on their right hand side in the middle of their body.

Rest your left hand gently on their heart centre, right hand on their perineum.

Hold for 3 minutes, longer if you feel that you should.

Left hand stays on the heart, right hand to genitals.

Left hand on the heart, right moves to the solar plexus.

Both hands on the heart.

Right hand stays on the heart centre, left moves to the throat, gently.

Right hand on the heart, left moves to the 3rd eye.

Right hand on the heart, left on the crown.


Doing this on your own, the points are the same.


You’re balancing all the energy centre’s around the heart, creating a state of peace and openness, relaxation and love.

The Web Of Tantra

December 11, 2011 in Uncategorized

The Web of Tantra


One aspect of the word Tantra is ‘weaving the web’.


This is the web of life, all life, all aspects of life. Not just sexuality, but all of our life.


The more conscious we become, the more we choose the web we weave.

For we do this, moment by moment, day by day, thought by thought, word by word, deed by deed.


We can weave a web based in the past, a pattern that repeats itself. It may be neat and comforting, simply because we know it, and we do it well. It may have strands of discomfort or pain. It may have strands of quiet desperation. It may have strands of dullness and mediocrity. It may have strands of fear and limitation. It may have strands of illusion. But it’s our web, and the knowing will keep us weaving the pattern.


We can weave a web based on forgiveness and release, for these are the keys of a web of healing. It may have strands of pain, as we look at the picture we have woven. It’s not neat and uniform. It goes into the depths as we acknowledge the who we were, the strands of the life we lived. It get’s burned and tattered and dirty. But it has strands priceless for the jewels they hold. It has strands rich with wisdom. It has strands woven with possibility. It tells a tale of adventure and courage. It becomes a beacon for those who have not yet begun their weaving.


We can weave a web that is based in today. We can weave a web that opens to the dawn of tomorrow. Not with any certainty. But with strands of knowing that what the new day brings, we will weave into our story with gratitude, with eyes that see more than they did today. We can weave a web with strands of understanding that we are strong. We can weave a web with knowing that we know everything and nothing. We can weave a web that connects us to life. A web with mystical strands that guide our journey.


We can weave a web of life. With strands of celebration, of joy, of sharing, of growth and abundance. We can weave a web of pleasure and freedom. With strands that touch unravel who we were and weave who we are becoming. With strands of love that touch the web of others. With the knowing that all life is in the moment, in this weave.


We can weave a web of consciousness. And each strand we add to this web, adds to the web of life. And in our own way, large or small, we have the power to share a strand of unique beauty with the world.


It begins with us, our web, one strand at a time.


We share the web of Tantra Evolution with you…


Jonti and Anne-Marie





There are going to be some very happy and pleasured people these holidays.




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We wish you so much pleasure…


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Layers of Being

December 4, 2011 in Uncategorized

One of the principles of Tantra Evolution is healing through pleasure rather than being held by pain.


 This allows healing to happen through release, it allows the body and the being to do this in a way and at a pace that fosters integration.


 This is so important in a process as it gives a context for the healing, it allows the being to integrate and personalise the release, which helps change flow naturally, there is no force. There is alignment and harmony.

New understandings, new ways of being, new possibilities and the actions that these bring come out of who we are, not just something we do. There is depth, because they’ve become part of us, of who we are.


This is reflected firstly by a process we use called Layers, secondly by the progression through layers of being, going from healing to growth to expansion.


The initial healing is driven by some level of pain, physical, mental, emotional, sexual, spiritual, relationship… The focus is on changing the condition or situation.

However, once this has happened the healing never stops, it changes character.


It becomes more about growth.


If we say healing ‘has happened’, we’re saying that it’s complete. What has happened in fact, is that we’ve released one, a few, many layers of an issue that is rooted in the past.


As we become more conscious of ourselves, our patterns and responses, what we’ve done, what we do, and release that which limits us, which no longer serves us, we begin to free ourselves from the layer of pain.


We move into the layer of growth, the layer of choice. Here healing is not based in pain, it’s based on possibility. We’re no longer trapped by the past, we’re moving to greater freedom and to positive choice. We’re more in the present, and more aware of the future we’d like to create. We also become more aware of how much of this journey is about ourselves, how responsible we are for our happiness and pleasure.


Growth brings consciousness, awareness and presence. This naturally moves us into expansion. Simply put, we become aware of more. There are no limitations, other than those we accept. The field of possibility is continuously expanding. What is within us, thoughts, feelings, energy, sensations, expands, deepens, heightens. Awareness grows.


Consciousness deepens.


There is greater presence. We are present, more of us, more of who we are, more of the resources within us. The connections we have with people, with energy, with knowledge expands.

We see life, our lives, and the world differently.

The healing never stops, because the issues of life never stop.


But we start to live in a different world.

And we see that the layers of being are infinite.


We look forward to sharing with you, and wish you so much pleasure…

Jonti & Anne-Marie


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