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In truth, life treats very few of us gently.
We don’t treat ourselves and each other with much gentleness.

If there is a quality we’d like to bring to the world, to our lives, it’s gentleness.

In healing work that we do, the journeys of discovery, growth and exploration, the processes of release, the bodywork, the lessons we teach, a spirit of gentleness pervades our space.

What does this mean on the journey?
It means that it’s your journey.
Your growth, your healing, your expansion happens in the way and at the pace you choose or can deal with.

Why is this important?
It gives you context, it allows you to integrate the change into your life, into your body, into your being. It allows you to own it, personalise it. It becomes you, you become it.
And this allows you to take the next step, to expand further, deeper, to release yet more.

The change becomes conscious. Life becomes more conscious.
We own more of ourselves. We see more of what we do, the patterns we live with.
And we build a foundation that’s strong, rooted in reality. The change is real, and permanent. The veils part, we see with greater clarity.

And we make connections, oh do we make connections.
We see how our sexuality is connected to so many aspects of our lives. We see the power of our sexual energy. And we can begin to experience the sexual spiritual connection.

We can expand.
Our lives, our experiences, our understandings, our perspectives, our possibilities.
It’s ours.
We’re determining how it happens.

Force creates resistance.
Gentleness and sensuality gives the power of flow.
Resistance keeps us trapped and contracted. If we move out of this space it’s not far, it’s not for long. We’ll come back. We will. We have to. We have no choice in that space.

You cannot force change, you cannot force release, you cannot force growth, you cannot force understanding.

You can but allow it. You can create conditions to foster it.

And with gentleness, which has the greater power, with pleasure, with the wonder of sensual energy, the possibilities are endless…

New Massages:
The massages that we offer continue to expand and deepen into spaces of healing, pleasure, and linking the spiritual and sexual energies.

We are now offering the Double Goddess Massage as an experience for men, with both practioners (male and female energies).

Couples Taoist & Sensual Massage is a beautiful way to have these massage experiences as a couple.
The talk will cover Tantra Evolution as a framework, a philosophy and a practical path, a guide to a way of being that includes growth, exploring, healing, relationships and spirituality. We will discuss how Tantra Evolution takes you with gentleness into a field of possibilities. The focus is on sensuality and intimacy, with yourself and your partner, that allows for understanding and growth in a natural flow towards freedom and fulfillment. We will talk about what how this can heal, grow, expand and create change for you, and answer your questions. Booking is essential for numbers, please contact phone: 083 743 


Free Talk on Tantra Evolution on Wed 1st Feb, 7 pm, Haum of Yoga, Fourways, 3 Quartz Street, Witkoppen.

Booking is essential for numbers, please contact Jonti:
or phone: 083 743 5129

The Expanded Orgasm Workshop
Wed 8 Feb, 7 pm, R350/person.
Tantric Sensual Massage, Sat 11 Feb, 
11 am, R2000/couple.

Intro to Tantra, Thurs 16 Feb, 7 pm, R350/person.

Sexual Communication, Tues 21 Feb, 7 pm, R350/person.

The Art of Lovemaking including Slow Union, Thurs 23 Feb, 7 pm, R350/person.

Conscious Self-Pleasuring including Sexual Energy for Manifestation, Tues 28 Feb, 7 pm, R350/person.

The Erotic Spirit, Thurs 1 March, 7 pm, R350/person.

Please visit our website for more info on the workshops,

Massage Retreats
Both Cape Town & Durban programmes will include a Massage Retreat Weekend

CAPE TOWN, 5 – 11 March, the full programme will be confirmed soon.

DURBAN, 26 March – 1 April, the full programme will be confirmed soon.

BLOEMFONTEIN, 16 – 22 April, the full programme will be confirmed soon.

Please visit Some of the top Tantra teachers in the world, including us, have contributed interviews for this exciting project.
Here is the link on you for the preview:

We are also able to offer Skype consultations and lessons, please contact us for details.

We work with people of all backgrounds, all orientations, singles, couples….

This journey, this sensual journey, this Tantric journey is the journey of our life.
We so look forward to sharing with you.

Please email or call, 083 7435 129, with any questions you have.

Jonti and Anne-Marie

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  1. Gentleness is strength.

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