Soothing Massage Therapy Relaxes and Refreshes Cancer Patients by Melanie L. Bowen

July 17, 2012 in Sexual Health and Education

Taking time to rest and relax in between cancer treatments is absolutely vital in order for a cancer patient to be able to cope well.  Physical and mental coping abilities are very important to any person who is battling mesothelioma, breast cancer, colon cancer, or other forms of cancer.

The surgeries, radiation treatments, and chemotherapy treatments leave patients feeling physically ill, emotionally drained and achy throughout their bodies.  Soothing and healing massage therapy is a great way to incorporate relaxation into a weekly routine that is laden with cancer treatments and doctor appointments.

Things to Communicate to Your Massage Therapist

It is beneficial to choose a massage therapist who has extensive experience in providing soothing medical massages to people with cancer.  While a standard masseuse may be wonderful at his or her job, therapists who are professionally trained to work with cancer patients will be aware of what areas of the body to massage and which areas need to be avoided.  It is also important to take time and communicate with your massage therapist.

The therapist will need to know if you are in the middle of chemotherapy treatments.  Many times, oncologists will recommend that massages are limited to specific areas on the body if the person is in the midst of an intense set of chemo treatments.  Radiation treatments can leave the skin irritable or painful and it is vital to share with your therapist if you are receiving radiation treatments so he or she can avoid reddened areas until they have a chance to heal.

Take Precautions and Enjoy the Relaxation

While there may be some conditions and things to be aware of when a cancer patient gets professional massages, massages can be a wonderful way to get refreshed and to allow stress and worry to slip away.  If a specific part of the body is off limits for massaging, the temple, arms, and other areas may still be fine for massaging.  Speaking to your personal physician or oncologist is a great way to begin planning massage therapy treatments.  Taking these simple precautions can help you to begin massage sessions in full confidence.

One of the major things listed in many medical journals for cancer patients is the patient’s absolute need to have positive coping methods.  Cancer patients face numerous challenges.  These challenges are financial, physical, mental, and emotional.  Each of the challenges and obstacles a cancer patient faces can have a devastating impact on the individual if the person has not developed a plan to cope with stress and obstacles.  Massages are a great way to release anxiety and to have a method of relaxing and getting refreshed each week.

The University of Virginia Health System has a helpful website that explains in detail the multiple benefits soothing and healing massage therapy can have on people who have been diagnosed with cancer.  Reading the website can help a cancer patient to understand the different types of massages available.


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