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Woman, Know Thyself

September 24, 2012 in Sexual Health and Education

“The main headline, in my view? The new science has established a radically new insight: that there is such a strong brain-vagina connection in women that many of the neuroscientists whom I interviewed called it “a single system”. More remarkably, few of us know that when a woman has an orgasm – and, even before that, when she feels empowered to think about pleasurable sex, anticipate it, focus on how to get it, and feels in control of and knowledgeable enough about her body to know she can probably reach orgasm during sex – her brain gets a boost of the neurotransmitter dopamine. Then, in orgasm, opioids and oxytocin are also released. This experience does not just yield pleasure, a fact that is well known; it also yields specific states of mind.”

(Naomi Woolf – Vagina)


Woman, Know Thyself.

So many women experience a sexual awakening in their 30’s and 40’s that it’s mainly women of this age group Jonti & I deal with on a daily basis. Women whose neurotransmitters have awoken, and are experiencing new life on a sexual energy level. Many of these women also feel on a deep level that this experience is spiritual too, feeling a new awareness opening.


And so many of them feel horribly confused about what’s happening in their bodies, and what that could mean or change in their lives and relationships.


Because our world does not teach women what to do with this awakening, how to explore these energies consciously.


Not to mention very few spiritual or religious belief systems engage with a sexual awakening, or teach any practical methods on how to integrate this into mind, body and spirit.


The science is finally catching up, and teaching us how important orgasmic and sexual energy pleasure is for women, for health and chemical levels in our bodies.


The sad truth is, most women will still feel more comfortable taking a chemical produced in a factory, than letting the pleasure ability within her body naturally produce those chemicals.


And the question is, why?


How did we develop into a society where it’s more acceptable to take a pill, than learn how to open and fully utilize the natural and holistic pathways of pleasure in the body?


Tantric practice and massage techniques have been around for thousands of years. Long before antidepressants and libido enhancers.


Much of our sacred sexual bodywork (which does not mean sexual intercourse, but utilizing and building energies in the body) is often very challenging for those walking through our door to experience this. Those whose relationships and belief systems are steeped in a world where popping a pill is still more socially acceptable than having genital massage or bodywork done.


We have testimonial after testimonial that talks about how after a massage experience, or healing bodywork, women’s relationships are improved,  she’s having more fulfilling orgasms, more desire for sex, greater pleasure in eating, drinking, breathing, the lights are brighter, the world seems happier…


The world is changing. Physiotherapists are starting to walk down this path, realizing that internal massage, g-spot massage, Yoni massage and full body massages are essential to full body health, keeping energy flowing in the body.


It is also now becoming more widely accepted that sexual trauma cannot be talked out of the body, it also needs to be consciously and lovingly released with massage, it needs to be holistically approached. After all, we readily accept that you can’t talk away your backache, you’d go to a chiropractor, or have a sports massage.


We wouldn’t just talk about feeling full when we were hungry and hope that we’d feel fed would we?


Sexual awakening for women can often be a very traumatic thing. For a body hunger awakens that has very few known ways of being fed, and often those ways that are known can become destructive.

This is the danger period for unconscious sexual activity, anything that will feed this new hunger.


Many women even suppress this sexual awakening, deny it, because they have absolutely no idea what to DO with it.


Here’s the good news.

There’s a beautiful, gentle and safe way to open and explore this energy that can open you to this new phase, this new birth as a women.


Your beautiful awakening doesn’t need to be destructive. There are so many beautiful tantric practices and massages and healing techniques that can expand your sexual energy, your life-force, without chemicals, without guilt and fear, within your boundaries and safety levels.


When we touch you, or share with you, or teach you with love and consciousness, your awakening can be felt in your spirit and your sexuality.


We have so much to share with you in a way that respects your boundaries, and then afterwards is taken home with you into YOUR life, YOUR relationships, YOUR energy levels.


Whether we massage you and open your energy meridians.

Whether we show you on “Fred” and “Ginger” our latex models. Whether we talk you through processes to go home and try with your partner.

Whether we teach you how to be in an expanded orgasmic state on your own, or with a partner.

Whether we breathe with you, and guide you on energy techniques.

Whether we hear your tears, and listen to your sexual beliefs, and guide you on how to see things through pleasure and possibility, not pain.

Whether you decide to journey with us or not.

There’s a way, as a woman, to have your sexual awakening consciously, with boundaries, with pleasure, with respect.


The science is showing us as women that owe it to ourselves to honour, respect and pleasure our bodies!


This is the final frontier in consciousness, sexual energy consciousness, and we’d love to journey with you.


Come in and talk to us…


We wish you so much pleasure

Jonti & Anne-Marie

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SEXPO is here!

Please come and visit our stand, have a chat, see the new DVD’s, we’re giving 4 talks a day, 2 Sensual Massage Demo’s and a Fifty Shades Sensual Bondage Demo.

Remember it’s at NASREC this year, starting on Thurs 27th.


Jo’burg Workshops

Booking for these workshops is essential. Discounts are available for attending more than one workshop

Contact Jonti: 083 743 5129



Expanded Orgasm, Tues 9th Oct, 7pm, R350/person.


Sensual Play Evening for Couples, Thurs 11th Oct.

A fun and exciting evening of sensual fun and games, sensual food, body painting, some basic massage skills…

R800/couple, 7:30 pm.


Tantric Sensual and Erotic Massage, Sun 14th Oct.

A day of sensual delights, pleasure, connection and intimacy.

Step into the amazing and unique world of sensual massage, learn The Heart Touch, Bliss Body Massage, Energy Connection, Full-Body Creative Touch, Building The Sexual Fire and more…

Then we extend the pleasure into Sacred Sexual Massage.

The gifts of this include deep G-Spot stimulation, the A-Spot, heightened pleasure space for women, Quiet Lingam and Deep Energy Experience for men.

Sensual Massage begins at 12pm, R2000/couple, snacks included.

Sacred Sexual Massage at 5pm, R800/couple, R2400 for both.


Cape Town Workshops


We are really excited to be coming back to Cape Town.

This journey is so filled with magic, pleasure, growth, healing, connection and intimacy.

The workshops and experiences offer a safe space to explore, grow and expand the beauty and power of your magnificent self.


The workshops are at The Novalis Ubuntu Centre in Kenilworth.

We are offering Early Booking Discounts of 15%, as well as discounts for attending more than 1 workshop.

Please contact us for this info.


We will also be available for private sessions, healing and Tantric Body Experiences including Yoni Massage, Quiet Lingam etc.


We begin with a Free Talk on Mon 15th Oct.

We’ll talk about The Sexual Journey, what it involves, sexual healing, the possibilities of pleasure, what the workshops include, what happens on the workshops etc.


An Intro to Tantra, Tues 16th, 7pm, R350/person

Expanded Orgasm, Wed 17th, 7pm, R350/person

The Art of Sex, Thurs 18th, 7pm, R350/person

Conscious Self-Pleasuring, Mon 22nd, 7pm, R350/person

Awakening Your Inner Sexual Being, Tues 23rd, 7pm, R350/person

Fifty Shades of Pleasure, Wed 24th, 7pm, R350/person

Tantric Sensual Massage, Sat 27th, 11pm, R2000/couple

Sacred Sexual Massage, Sat 27th, 6pm, R800/couple, R2400 for both.

We are considering offering Taoist Sexual Energy massage as a workshop on Sun 28th as well, if bookings permit R2000 a couple.

For FAQ’s about workshops go to


Tantric Transformations

September 14, 2012 in Sexual Health and Education

Monsters abound in our world.

They always have, they always will.


But none are as terrible as we, for what we do to ourselves.

For what we deny ourselves.

We deny ourselves consciousness,

for it’s easier not to know what we do.

We deny ourselves choice, for it’s easier to follow.

And perhaps more than anything, we deny ourselves power, because it’s easier not to change anything, it’s easier not to be responsible.

Not to be responsible to be all we can be.

Not to be responsible to live lives of challenge and searching.

Not to be responsible to live in a way that doesn’t repeat the past.

Not to be responsible for not learning who we are, who we really are.

Not to be responsible for not looking deep into our own eyes, into our hearts, into our souls.

Not to be responsible for mediocrity.

Not to be responsible for looking to others for answers.

Not to be responsible to looking for others to change.


For to change anything in our world, we change ourselves.

Not the politicians, not the corporations, not the religions.

They’re self-serving. They always have been, they always will be.


I can’t remove the evils of the world.

I can’t remove the suffering of so many.

I can’t answer the question of why they exist.


And I can’t ask a God out there.


I can awaken a God within.

I can awaken a Goddess within.

I can each day, in the way I can, allow that God, that Goddess, expression.

I can choose that.

And I can choose to be, each day, more responsible to be conscious.

And I can choose each day to share more of that.

And that which it awakens.


And the more of us who do that, each day an almost infinitesimal amount, well, who knows what will happen…


Everything in our world is a frequency, an energy.

Every feeling, every thought, every action, every sensation, every emotion, every word, every touch, every pattern, everything we do. It’s all just an energy.

Airy-fairy, philosophical, new age, quantum physics…

Not something we think of daily in what we do, how we live.



Energy attracts energy.


I’ve often written and spoken about the transformational power of Tantra.

Annie and I sit in our studio, we listen to those who come and see us.

We want to help you with your relationships, with intimacy, with having orgasms, better orgasms, more intimacy, higher libido, better erections, no more early ejaculation, learn more about sex, find your G-Spot, connect with your sexuality, find out what spiritual sex is… All the things you come and see us for.


And we touch you.

We touch you with as much love as we can.

Whether we’re holding your heart centre or sacrum for 5 minutes.

Whether we’re doing a Yoni Massage to give you more pleasure than you’ve ever experiences.

Whether we’re doing Quiet Lingam to show a man how his heart connects to his sexuality.

Whatever we’re doing, with as much love as we can.

To help you feel, even for a few moments, pleasure, in whatever way you allow, and love, even for a few moments.


It’s all about energy.

The energy of pleasure.

Conscious Pleasure, as an expression of a higher frequency, something that comes through us, something that allows that God, that Goddess to be present. Even for a moment.


And we hope, we pray.

That beyond the problems and issues of our lives, something of this energy will touch the energy in you.

That you’ll allow yourself your power.

That you’ll become your teacher, your guru.

That you’ll become your God, your Goddess.

And that, in whatever way you express it, you’ll pass that on. To one person, to your child, to your lover, to your colleague, to your friend…


There are so many ways to express this, Conscious Pleasure.

We’ve chosen ours.

And we’ve chosen our mission, our purpose.

For our healing, our teaching, is to help you be happier, whatever that means.

To have more pleasure, whatever that means.

To know yourself more, whatever that means.

To show you, even for a moment’s reflection, that you are beautiful, that you are powerful, that your love is greater than your fear.


I once said that God is the field of all possibilities.

That’s what’s within us.

That’s what we see Tantra is.


Whether you come to this journey simply to learn more about pleasure, or to open other doors, to heal whatever it is, to learn whatever it is, to experience whatever it is, there’s power here for us.

For all of us.


We’ve learned something, we see it more every day.

The more we change ourselves, the more our world changes.

In a real way.

Pain doesn’t disappear, sadness doesn’t go away, confusion doesn’t vanish.

But they become different, they become possibilities, they become gifts.


And they all, the pain and the pleasure, become a source from which we can make conscious choices.


The answers are inside of us.

The more pleasure, the more love we allow ourselves to experience, well, what kind of answers do you think we’ll get?


We wish you so much pleasure

Jonti and Anne-Marie

(note ADULT content on following site)


Our Sensual Spring Specials are available for one more week only.


Connecting with Your Yoni, Connecting with Your Power


This 5 Session programme is done privately, not as a workshop, with one workshop as an added extra.

This amazing journey of discovery and exploration is R2800.


Our new DVD’s, Taoist Sexual Energy Massage and Self-Pleasuring for Women, with the redone Expanded Orgasm for R600.




The books opened doors.

Now come and learn the truth.


This has become such an important workshop, offering so much.


Many people, more than ever, are exploring aspects of their sensuality and sexuality, in their minds, in their lives and in their relationships.


We’ve expanded this exciting evening to include: The Place of Fantasy in Your Life and Relationship, Creating Safe and Successful Experiences, Communicating Desires, How to Share Fantasies,


And… Safety in Bondage Play, What the World of Bondage is Really All About, The Pleasure Possibilities it gives, And  How to Use the Toys to get Maximum Pleasure…


As well as A Sensual Bondage Demonstration.


The workshop takes place in an exciting fantasy venue, free drink on arrival.

Thurs 20th Sept, 7:30 pm, R250/person, singles and couples welcome, booking is essential.

Sensual Spring Specials

September 7, 2012 in Uncategorized

My friend and fellow Tantrica Ro Reddy posted an interesting article, ‘Why Vagina’s, which were once worshipped, have become taboo’. The link to the article is at the end of this.


There’s a quote in the article from Naomi Wolf, ‘an increasing body of scientific evidence that suggests that the vagina has a fundamental connection to female consciousness’.


This is such an important aspect of the work we do, almost daily we see it’s place in the sexual journey.


We tell almost every woman something, because it’s true.

You have an incredibly powerful sexuality.

It’s so important to hear.

You have an incredibly powerful sexuality.


But you know this.

If not consciously, deep inside.

You felt it, maybe a long time.

You knew it was there.

It’s still there.

It may be dormant.

It may need to be woken, like a banked fire needs to be blown on, stirred…


And a vital part of this process is connecting with your Yoni.

Owning her, opening a conversation with her, allowing her to tell you how she feels, what she wants, how angry she is with you for all you’ve denied her…

Healing her…

Healing you…


And beginning to claim, to reclaim your power.

Because, My Goddess, you have such power.

Power to such pleasure.

Power to such love.

Power to such energy.

Power to such creative possibilities.


This power is yours.

It’s connected to no one else.

It has nothing to do with whether you’re in a relationship or not.

In fact, making this journey when you’re not in a relationship has such value for you, it can have such impact on many areas of your life.

And on future relationships.


We offer our knowledge to guide you on this journey.

We wish you so much pleasure

Jonti and Anne-Marie

(note ADULT content on following site)




We’d like to offer you some Sensual Spring Specials.


Opening to Your Yoni


A 5 session programme to help you begin to connect to your Yoni, to start the communication between Yoni and Heart, to open the dialogue, to learn Yoni Meditation, to experience the power you have and more…

This includes 1 workshop of your choice.

The programme is R2800.


Journeys of Healing, Growth and Exploration


We are offering 15% discount on these programmes for the next 2 weeks.


DVD Special


We are releasing 2 new DVD’s, Taoist Sexual Energy Massage and Self-Pleasuring for Women, and we have redone Expanded Orgasm to include new information.

The DVD’s are R300 each, the Pre-SEXPO launch, for the next 10 days only, all 3 for R600.


There are still a few places available for female models for SEXPO. This is an opportunity for a great experience and adventure.


Tuesday 11th Sept Workshop, 7pm, R350 per woman

Expanded Orgasm on your own (women only)

This workshop teaches you as a woman how to have the Expanded Orgasm Experience on your own, without a partner. Anne-Marie teaches you how to make this happen on your own, with an anatomy lesson demonstrated on a latex model. You bring blankets, sarongs and cushions, and then we gently travel into having this experience, with low lighting and soft music, and I talk and guide you through it. There’s no necessity for nudity, you can be covered at all times.


Expanded Orgasm allows a woman to be in an orgasmic state for over an hour, opens the energy channels in the body to increase orgasmic potential, helps women who struggle to orgasm,and can be used for increasing libido, manifestation energy and huge energy and creativity releases.



The forthcoming workshops, Sensual Play for couples on Thurs 13th, and Fifty Shades on Thurs 20th are just the most exciting and fun way to spend an evening. Come play…


Article Link:–which-were-once-worshipped–become-taboo-8092761.html.


Energy Portal

September 3, 2012 in Sexual Health and Education

Energy Portal


Something we’ve become acutely aware of lately is that our bodies, and more specifically, our sexual centres, are energy portals.


Now we know, and it’s the basis for so much of what we do, that our bodies contain many energy patterns, channels and centres.

In these frequencies are all that we’ve done, all that’s happened to us.

And all that will become.

Our bodies hold the past, our hearts the future.


But we’ve become more aware that our sexual centres hold the keys to so many possible states of being.

And the frequency that operates these centres is pleasure.


This is what connects purpose and pleasure.

For, as wonderful as pleasure on it’s own is, that is but the first level of energy.


To access higher states through these portals we need a process, a journey of discovery, exploration and intention.


This often begins with healing, coming from a place of pain on some level.

Although not all journey’s begin this way.

Sometimes we’re searching, and we have an idea, a glimpse, that there may be something more. We’re not sure of this, as we so often hear from people who come and see us. It’s vague, simply a faint pulsation deep inside that brought something to awareness.


And so we open the door to connect pleasure and purpose.


The first key is consciousness.

To have experiences that will allow us access to anything beyond immediate sensation we need a mind shift.

The mind shift brings the beginning of focus in experience. This creates an intention, it brings us into a state of presence. Presence with ourselves, with another, and with something more.


The next key is also a perceptual shift.

Pleasure experiences with a purpose, a different context. This often requires a big leap, an understanding that this is not about sex, that it’s an experience of sexual energy.

For this is the energy that opens the portal.

The greater the energy, the higher possibilities.


The possibilities for most of us begin with healing, changing a space of pain.

Then a shift occurs.

What we think of healing changes to become a journey of growth, of self-exploration, of self-knowledge, of exploring ourselves in the context of our lives and worlds.

We’re seeing, thinking, feeling, hearing, sensing, tasting, touching more.


As the portal opens more, as the energy rises, as the possibilities expand, we expand, our lives expand.

The vibration we live with, the frequency of our lives, our thoughts, our feelings, our actions, raise.

The frequency of pleasure is higher.

It connects us to more.

It allows us to live more in the present, and connects us to creating, consciously creating, tomorrow.


We make different choices on two levels.

The first is not conscious.

It happens.

Our energy changes.

Our life changes.

It’s that simple.

The second level is conscious.

We choose differently with an awareness of what we’d like in our lives, what we’d like in ourselves.

The more we make conscious choices of this nature, the more our energy changes, the more other choices happen.


We weave a different web.

And this is a living expression of Tantra.

One of the meanings of ‘Tantra’ is ‘Weaving the Web’. The web of life, our life.

Creating a life of awareness, of context and connection, of possibility.

A life that stands on the principle of pleasure. Not just the pleasure of the body, pleasure of life in all it’s wonderful, sensual manifestations.


The key to this is within us, accessible to us.

The energy portal of our sexuality.


We wish you so much pleasure

Jonti and Anne-Marie

(note ADULT content on following site)


Workshops & Events




SEXPO is fast approaching, 27-30 Sept at NASREC.

We are doing talks every day as well as Sensual Massage Demo’s and a Bondage Play Demo.

If you’d like to be a model, we’re looking for women, for these experiences, have fun and excitement, please let us know. Your face does not have to be seen.


We have 3 exciting workshop/experiences coming up in Sept.


Tantric Sex Workshop

We discuss what Tantric Sex actually is, how to bring the basic principles and practices into lovemaking, Slow Union and how to make that happen, practical breathing, positions and energy practices to heighten pleasure for you and your partner.

Thurs 6 Sept, 7:30 R800/couple


An Evening of Sensual Play


Sex and Sensuality are how we play as adults.

In the sensual setting of Pharaohs Fantasy Club we’re going to play with sensual food, massage, body paint…as we indulge our sense of fun and discovery, adventure and play.

Thurs 13 Sept, 7:30 pm, R800/couple.





The evening we did last month was so successful, we’re doing it again.

In conjunction with Bella Rouge and Pharaohs Fantasy Club we’re going to talk about exploring fantasies, opening the conversation with your partner, rules for play and exploring, how to have successful experiences, practical advice AND a live Bondage Demonstration.

Toy hampers available at a special price.

Thurs 20th Sept, 7:30 pm, R300/person.

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