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Tantra Evolution

October 3, 2012 in Uncategorized

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Tantra Evolution

The work that we do, all that we offer, is a guide on the path of light…..

Welcome to the world of Tantra Evolution.
We offer a framework, a philosophy and a practical space for healing, growing, exploring, expressing and experiencing sensuality and sexuality.
So what does that really mean and what do we actually do?
We work with singles and couples of all ages, backgrounds and sexual orientations. What we have created is accessible to everybody, regardless of the beliefs you have. We will find a way to make this wonderful world of Tantra Evolution available to you. We draw from many sources as well as develop much of what we do ourselves. As much value there is in ancient teachings, we have to make these accessible to us. The energy paradigms in our world have changed, we need to change accordingly.
First we offer a range of workshops that teach sensual and sexual skills. Most of the workshops are for singles as well as couples. If a workshop is for couples, or you need a partner, the info will say. If a workshop involves nudity, the info will say. On most of the workshops that include genital techniques, particularly those that are for single people, we use latex models to show these. Workshops run from a few hours to full day, we also do weekend retreats from time to time. Most of the workshops are available as private lessons.
The healing work we do covers a vast spectrum. People come to see us for a variety of reasons. These include sexual problems such as erection problems, early ejaculation, painful sex, inability to orgasm, loss of libido etc. Relationship issues are connected to this, lack of intimacy, communication etc. Then there are those who have are not in relationship but would like to give themselves a chance to make it different.
The next aspect of this is exploring aspects of ourselves using sexuality and sexual energy as a tool for growth and healing. This involves looking at the patterns of our lives, what we’ve done, how we’ve done it, and what we’d like it to be. We go into the shadow, look at the sexual-spiritual connection, how to integrate sexuality and sensuality into our lives, the connection between sexuality and creativity, using sexual energy for manifestation, getting more in touch with our sexuality, freeing ourselves from inhibitions….
We have developed a unique perspective on healing and growth that is based on pleasure rather than pain. In short… Mostly we go for healing of anything to release, change or fix a pain. The pain becomes the focus. When we heal with pleasure, we’re healing with possibility and potential. The frequency of pleasure is much higher than that of pain. Healing is quicker, deeper, the changes in our lives happen with joy, the possibilities become wonder-filled.
The way we work with healing and growth journeys is that we get together, you or you and your partner, talk about the issues, what you’d like to do, then recommend a programme, tell you what it involves and costs.
So much of our focus is on the body, being a house for all that’s happened to us, as well as a doorway in to change the energy patterns that are the way we live and the things we do. As part of this expression of Tantra Evolution we offer a range of body experiences which include Taoist Sexual Energy Massage, Double Goddess Massage, Tantric Massage, Yoni and Lingam Massage.
We also offer training for those who’d like to into this work, as well as helping practitioners in other fields incorporate sexuality into their work.
We invite you to share with us…
Jonti & Anne-Marie
Please visit our website, or email us, for more info.
On the last day of SEXPO we made a great offer for our DVD’s. We’d like to extend this for 1 week ONLY. All 6 titles, Expanded Orgasm, Simple Pleasures, Intro to Tantra, Tantric Sensual Massage, Yoni Massage and Lingam Massage for R1000.
‘Of all the things I bought at sexpo, these dvd’s have already made us so happy, they are going to change our lives, nobody should be without them ‘. EW
WORKSHOPS – Johannesburg
An Evening of Sensual Play for Couples
Sensuality is how we play. In an exciting fantasy setting we’re going to explore sensation and fun, touch and laughter, and maybe a moan of pleasure or two… Thurs 4th Oct, 7:30 pm, R800/couple.
Expanded Orgasmic Wave
This is such important learning on the sexual journey. The workshop gives you a different perspective on pleasure, genital information, an incredible technique that allows a woman to be in an orgasmic state for over an hour, how men can have orgasms without ejaculating and becoming multi-orgasmic and more, sexual communication, moving sexual energy in the body, how to experience this on your own, using sexual energy for meditation and more… The techniques are demonstrated on latex models of the genitals. This workshop is for singles and couples. Tues 9th Oct, 7 pm, R350/person, includes The Expanded Orgasm E-Book.Booking for these workshops is essential. Discounts are available for attending more than one workshop

Contact Jonti: 083 743 5129





Tantric Sensual  Massage, Sun 14th Oct.

A day of sensual delights, pleasure, connection and intimacy.

Step into the amazing and unique world of sensual massage, learn The Heart Touch, Bliss Body Massage, Energy Connection, Full-Body Creative Touch, Building The Sexual Fire and more…

Sensual Massage begins at 12pm, R2000/couple, snacks included.


Cape Town Workshops



We are really excited to be coming back to Cape Town.

This journey is so filled with magic, pleasure, growth, healing, connection and intimacy.

The workshops and experiences offer a safe space to explore, grow and expand the beauty and power of your magnificent self.



The workshops are at The Novalis Ubuntu Centre in Kenilworth.

We are offering Early Booking Discounts of 15%, as well as discounts for attending more than 1 workshop.

Please contact us for this info.



We will also be available for private sessions, healing and Tantric Body Experiences including Yoni Massage, Quiet Lingam etc.



We begin with a Free Talk on Mon 15th Oct.

We’ll talk about The Sexual Journey, what it involves, sexual healing, the possibilities of pleasure, what the workshops include, what happens on the workshops etc.



An Intro to Tantra, Tues 16th, 7pm, R350/person

Expanded Orgasm, Wed 17th, 7pm, R350/person

The Art of Sex, Thurs 18th, 7pm, R350/person

Conscious Self-Pleasuring, Mon 22nd, 7pm, R350/person

Awakening Your Inner Sexual Being, Tues 23rd, 7pm, R350/person

Fifty Shades of Pleasure, Wed 24th, 7pm, R350/person

Tantric Sensual Massage, Sat 27th, 11pm, R2000/couple

Sacred Sexual Massage, Sat 27th, 6pm, R800/couple, R2400 for both.

We are considering offering Taoist Sexual Energy massage as a workshop on Sun 28th as well, if bookings permit R2000 a couple.

For FAQ’s about workshops go to


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