Tantric Touch

November 5, 2012 in Sexual Health and Education

Tantric Touch


Touch is the language of your body.

It tells you what words cannot.

It allows you, your body, your being to tell your story.

And to create a new one.


Imagine a touch that comes from the heart, that comes through the heart.

A touch that taps into a flow of universal energy.

This touch has no name, beyond what we give it.

This touch has no limitation on what it makes possible.


Imagine a touch that is slow, so slow.

And the slowness relaxes you.

Imagine a touch that is gentle, so gentle.

And the gentleness slips right inside you.

And in this space your body begins to talk.

It tells your story.

Your pain and hurt, your inhibition and limitation.

That which was done to you, that which you allowed, that which you did.


Imagine that this touch, this Heart Touch, helps your body release these.

Slowly, softly, you let go.

There is no force, there is no struggle, there is no resistance, there is no conflict.

There is just release.

And the lightness that comes with the letting go.

Imagine this touch has a warmth that soothes the release as it strokes your skin.


Imagine this touch allows your body to melt, to expand.

Imagine this touch allows the energy pathways to open.

These pathways are the patterns of our lives.

Until we expand these frequencies we cannot heal, we cannot release, we cannot change.

For these are our lives, these are what we do.

And our energy goes where it knows.


Imagine that this touch, as it slowly opens our bodies, as it slowly allows our hearts and souls to talk to our bodies, to us.

Imagine that this touch allows you to begin to create possibilities.

Imagine that this happens as you release, as you allow the expansion.

Imagine that this happens without you having to do anything other than be willing.

Imagine that once this has started happening, once you realise that it’s happening, you can, consciously, with awareness, begin to make different choices.


Imagine that this touch allows you to be part of this mystical process.

Change happens, healing becomes growth.

Imagine that this touch takes you deeper into the story of your life.

For once the healing has begun, once your body begins the release, it starts to talk of your desires, of your dreams, the longing of your heart, the secrets of your soul.


Imagine that this touch, this Heart Touch, is fueled by pleasure. Sacred Pleasure.

For the frequency of pleasure is higher than that of pain.

Imagine that this frequency is higher than that of limitation, of inhibition, of shame, of guilt, of embarrassment.

Imagine that this frequency is closer to freedom, to choice, to empowerment.


This is what we offer, this touch.



As our understanding and expansion of this touch grows we are continuously offering new healing, growth and pleasure possibilities.

One of these is the Heart/Yoni/Lingam Connection, a deep experience of joining Heart and Sexual Energy.


Jonti and Anne-Marie





(note ADULT content on following site)



Workshops & Events


Booking for these workshops is essential. Discounts are available for attending more than one workshop

Contact Jonti: 083 743 5129

or: jontisearll@mweb.co.za





The workshops and experiences are growing in so many ways, offering a path to such deeper levels of intimacy, pleasure and connection.

The recent Aqua Flow and Sacred Sexual Massages were just beautiful.


‘This has changed the way I see touching my lover for ever.’

‘The closeness we felt with each other was amazing, something we’ve been looking for so long but never knew how to create.’

‘I felt so many new sensations.’

‘I never thought I’d feel so safe and so natural being nude in this way, it’s opened the way I see myself.’

‘Everybody should have this experience at least once.’


Johannesburg Workshops

Tantric Sensual Massage


Many of our workshops take place in conjunction with Pharaohs Fantasy Club, which offers a beautiful, sensual venue for these experiences.


We have two dates available for this, Saturday 17th or Sunday 18th November, first bookings decide the date

Tuesday 20th November

Introduction to Tantra


Thursday 22nd November

Expanded Orgasm with a Difference

The first part of this workshop is as we usually teach it, using latex models of the genitals, which will be the complete lesson of this amazing technique. Then we’re going to do a live demo, which you can stay and watch. Then you have the opportunity to experience the technique. For the first time we’re opening this practical experience to singles and couples. This means that in a safe space, with clear boundaries, you can come as a man or woman, learn about the pleasure this can give, then have some time to give or receive this with somebody there.


Tuesday 27th November

What Women Want

An evening for men only talking about the mystery of women.

This fun, exciting and expanding evening includes aspects of communication, how men and women communicate differently, the difference between sex and sensuality, the secret of what women REALLY want sexually, some secrets from The Art of Fucking, how to find her G-Spot…

We will also do a live Yoni Massage demo, showing you some of the pleasure possibilities.


Thursday 29th November

An evening of Sensual Play for couples


Saturday 1st December

The Goddess Awakening

A full day workshop for women only, starting with a breathwork session in the morning, how breath and relaxation can open up libido and sexual energy as well as energy for the day to day requirements of being a women, then a light lunch and moving into learning the principles of  Solo Expanded Orgasm and the practical experience of that in the afternoon.




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  1. Ah, that touch sounds very special, the way you describe it.

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