Thank You

December 13, 2012 in Sexual Health and Education

Thank You


We sit in our studio, a room we rent.

People come and see us, singles and couples.

From about 22 to over 60.

All races, all religions, all cultures.

People come and expose themselves.

They expose their lives, their bodies, their minds, their hearts and their souls.

We expose ourselves.

Our hearts more than anything else.

For as much as this is how we make a living, it’s about love, loving what we do.

We talk, sometimes lots, sometimes it’s all we do.

We do body things, massage, touch, energy work. I don’t have words for much of it. The language we have doesn’t convey what it is. And describing the processes doesn’t tell you much.

But something happens.

And lives change.

We change, us and you.

We learn, we grow, we release, we connect, we claim ourselves.

We claim a little, or a lot, more happiness. More understanding.

More awareness. More consciousness.

More pleasure. More possibilities.

More choices.

In different ways.

But many of the paths lead to the same place.

The same place of body, of heart.

We see through eyes open wider.

We see what we’ve done, what we do.

We see what we can do.

And we see that once our eyes are open, we’ll always be able to see more.

And so we sit here, in this room.

And we see magic happen.

We learn, my word do we learn. Sometimes it comes quicker than we can take it in.

And in this we are the students, we are the pupils.

Your questions, your life, your searching, your journey, you, are our teacher, our healer, our challenge, our inquisitor, our growth.

And all that we know, all that we understand, is to share.

As we expand, you expand.

And each day this thing we call Tantra Evolution, this expression of Jonti and Annie, becomes clearer.

And each day we have more to share, more to give.

And of course, more to learn, more to receive energy, understanding…

For this is the path we have chosen, a life of absolute magic.

And we are honoured to share with you.

Those who walk in our door, those who come to our talks, our workshops, those who read these newsletters.

Together we journey.

We talk, we cry, we listen, we touch, we share.


And we thank you.

For the gifts we receive in so many ways are beyond words.

The moments we share are beyond words.

And we thank you.

And, as always, we wish you so much pleasure.



Jonti & Anne-Marie


Our plans have changed so we’ll be in Jo’burg over December and are available for healing and growth sessions, lessons and massage experiences.


We are offering a limited amount of Tantra Evolution DVD sets, 6 titles for R1000. Truly a gift that gives more and more and more pleasure…


10 000 Pulsations of Pleasure

We are constantly evolving and expanding the experiences we have to offer.

This is a deep experience of healing, release and pleasure that we are so excited to share with you.

The pulsations move through your body, layers of your being in waves of energy.

(note ADULT content on following site)





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