Holding Space

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Holding Space


One of the most powerful aspects of healing is also one of the most simple.


Holding, to be held.


To be held with love and safety.

To be held without expectation.

To be surrounded by touch, warmth, caring.

To feel loved.


The power of this, even for a few minutes at the end of a session, is often the trigger for the release.

This is where the tears come.

This is where we see our patterns.

This is where we let it go.


To be held, in quietness, in stillness.

We feel connected.

This is the thing we want more than any other.

And so many of us do so many other things purely for the few moments of being held.


We work with an energy we call The Heart Touch.

In simplicity it connects us with an energy within, out there, somewhere higher, deeper.

It allows us to access more resources for healing to happen.

The strongest time the Heart Touch is there is when a heart centre touches another.


For a long time I’ve said that sharing a Conscious Sexual Healing Space is like being someone’s lover.

Our minds immediately go to the sexual aspect of that, lovers have sex.

Lovers also Make Love.

This is not only and always about genitals.

That’s sex.

Making Love defines itself.

Making Love.

Held with love, you feel loved.

You feel safe, acknowledged, connected.

A moment from the whirlwind, the struggle, the fear, the loneliness, the guilt, the shame, the lack we live with.

A moment of peace.

A moment of being.


So simple.

Just to be held.


A study done once said that for an aspect of optimal psychological health we need 8 hugs a day.

Not the back slapping thing a lot of men do.

But a melting moment of being held, of holding.


Physical alienation is one of the greatest illnesses of our age.

So many of us have little contact with others.

Intimate contact.

Once again, intimate does not mean sexual.


What’s sad is that for so many, touching, holding, intimacy has become connected to sex. So many couples only touch when it’s about sex.

It’s conditional.


Holding with love has no condition, no expectation.

A moment of giving and receiving, sharing something so human that we cannot but respond.

In this space you feel the walls and barriers, the distance we put between ourselves and others, how little of our bodies we touch with, how tense we are in being so close to another, how men are terrified of that closeness to another man, how a hug is a chance to touch inappropriately…


I remember a workshop I did a long time ago that had a ‘hug process’, which was similar to a Tantric Hug.

At the end of this, and all it involved was a warm embrace, there were very few dry eyes.


If we allow ourselves to hold, to be held, we will Behold that we are Beautiful Human Beings.

And we will Behold the power, the peace, the love that comes from this.


We wish you so much pleasure…

Jonti & Anne-Marie


Holding Healing Experiences


We have developed a range of Holding Experiences as part of our journey into Conscious Sexuality for couples and single people that fills us with excitement to share with you.


We are offering, for the 1st time, an experiential evening of Holding Space in Cape Town.

When we’re back in Jo’burg we’ll set a date for this beautiful and powerful experience.


A Free Talk on Conscious Sexuality and The Sexual Journey

Wed 23rd Jan, 7 pm.


This evening is an introduction to the principles of Conscious Sexuality, what a journey of sexual exploration, growth and healing involves, the possibilities it brings, how we can use sexual energy and more.


Booking is essential.

67 6th St, cr 2nd Ave, Parkhurst.


Cape Town


We will be in Cape Town from Mon 28th Jan.

The sessions and workshops will be at 18 Wellington Avenue, Wynberg

In this week we are offering private lessons, sessions of healing, growth and exploration, massage experiences for men, women and couples.


A Free Talk on Conscious Sexuality and The Sexual Journey

Come and meet us, say hi, we’ll share our understanding of Conscious Sexuality, what the sessions and workshops involve etc.

Mon 28th Jan, 7pm.


Holding Space

This is an experiential evening of connection and healing.

In a space of safety you’ll be able to hold, to be held, to feel, to be, to learn the Heart Connection and how to express it, being surrounded by touch…

This is a space of deep sharing with others, it has the possibility of release, of revitalisation, of affirming our humanness, the moments of stillness, of breath become a meditation of inspiration.

This is for singles and couples.

Please bring cushions and sarongs.

Wed 30th Jan, 7pm, R350/person.


We are excited to share a day of Tantric Sensual Massage and Sacred Sexual Massage on Sat 2nd Feb.

This is an experiential day for couples that includes the Heart Touch, Principles of Conscious Sexuality, Sensual Flow Touch, Healing Through Sensuality, Sacred Sexual Massage for Men and Women, Quiet Lingam, Deep G-Spot Stimulation and more…Much more…

Besides the amazing learning of the day it’s also a time of indulgence in sensuality and touch with your partner. You’ll experience a deep sense of closeness and connection, and the pleasure, oh the pleasure…

The Sensual Massage Workshop begins at 11 am, is approximately 5 hrs, lunch is included, R2200/couple.

Sacred Sexual Massage starts at 6 pm, R800/couple.

Both workshops will be R2500/couple.




We will soon have a new workshop schedule, until then we are available for private lessons and sessions.


A Special Evening of Exploring Sexuality

with Lara and Jonti

Tantra Evolution and Pharaohs Fantasy Club are presenting a special evening for couples wishing to explore their sexuality.

In a safe space, with laughter and fun, we’re going to look at the truth of exploring sensuality, sexuality and eroticism with others.

The first part of the evening is a relaxed discussion. We’ll have a glass of wine, a snack…

We’ll talk about the possibilities, what these experiences may involve, creating safety, communication, exploring fantasies, what happens after, the difference between sensual and sexual experiences etc.

After this you’re welcome to leave, allow what we’ve spoken about to sink in, have a discussion with your partner.

If you’d to stay and begin a gentle exploration of the possibilities, we’re going to guide you through some gentle experiences.

This world can be very exciting. It can also be challenging and scary.

The experiences can add to your relationship or be destructive.

We’d like to help you make a conscious choice from a place of possibility not fear.

We’ll have a date for this soon.



(note ADULT content on following site)



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