Conscious Sexuality

January 25, 2013 in Sexual Health and Education

Conscious Sexuality


One of the definitions of Consciousness is Presence.


Being present, being here, being now.



Being means that we can feel.

To feel we have to be here.

We have to be out of the past, we have to be out of our minds.

We have to be in our bodies.

We have to be there, all of us, all the aspects of our being.


Being is just that, being.

So much of our lives revolve around doing.

Taking action, fixing things, changing things, making things happen.

In this space there is no flow, there is no stillness, there are no moments of endless possibility, there are no moments of timeless connection.

There is no time for soul, no time for heart.


Sexual beings, Sensual beings, Love beings.

Being is Conscious.

In Beingness we find ourselves.

Not who we’ve become, not the patterns, not the conditioning, not the expectations.


Our real selves.

Our becoming selves.

Our changing, growing, expanding selves.

For consciousness is never static, it’s not fixed.

It flows.

It constantly reveals aspects of itself we never saw, never even imagined as possible.

In the flow of consciousness we can connect with that energy.


In the field of Conscious Sexuality we connect with that energy.

We connect with the possibility of Being, and all the possibilities that brings, all the possibilities that allows.


This can bring us into Presence, and the present.

We can live in the now.

Not with choices coloured by the past, but choices we make now.

We can choose a State of Being.

We can allow ourselves to feel, everything we feel.

Without a judgement on any feeling being good or bad.

It just is.

And when we accept that we can see the gifts that the feelings bring.

Consciously feel.

Be with the feelings.

We don’t have to change them.

We don’t have to fix them.

We can just be.


Conscious Sexuality is a tool.

A tool for higher states of pleasure.

A tool for higher states of Consciousness.

A tool for healing.

A tool for growth.

A tool for freedom.

A guide, a teacher…


Conscious Sexuality brings us into the present.

And into the Presence of something higher.

Ourselves, our higher selves, our free selves, our present selves, our pleasured selves.



We are offering, for the 1st time, an experiential evening of Holding Space in Cape Town.

When we’re back in Jo’burg we’ll set a date for this beautiful and powerful experience.


We wish you so much pleasure

Jonti & Anne-Marie


Cape Town


We’ve had to change our dates for Cape Town by a week.

We will be in Cape Town from Mon 4th Feb.

The sessions and workshops will be in Wynberg.

In this week we are offering private lessons, sessions of healing, growth and exploration, massage experiences for men, women and couples.

These help with a range of sexual and relationship issues and blockages, exploring aspects of your sexuality and sensuality and using sexual energy as a tool for these.


A Free Talk on Conscious Sexuality and The Sexual Journey

Come and meet us, say hi, we’ll share our understanding of Conscious Sexuality, what the sessions and workshops involve etc.

Tuesday 5th Feb, 7pm.


Holding Space

This is an experiential evening of connection and healing.

In a space of safety you’ll be able to hold, to be held, to feel, to be, to learn the Heart Connection and how to express it, being surrounded by touch…

This is a space of deep sharing with others, it has the possibility of release, of revitalisation, of affirming our humanness, the moments of stillness, of breath become a meditation of inspiration.

This is for singles and couples.

Please bring cushions and sarongs.

Thursday 7th Feb, 7pm, R350/person.


We are excited to share a day of Tantric Sensual Massage and Sacred Sexual Massage on Sat 9th Feb.

This is an experiential day for couples that includes the Heart Touch, Principles of Conscious Sexuality, Sensual Flow Touch, Healing Through Sensuality, Sacred Sexual Massage for Men and Women, Quiet Lingam, Deep G-Spot Stimulation and more…Much more…

Besides the amazing learning of the day it’s also a time of indulgence in sensuality and touch with your partner. You’ll experience a deep sense of closeness and connection, and the pleasure, oh the pleasure…

The Sensual Massage Workshop begins at 11 am, is approximately 5 hrs, lunch is included, R2200/couple.

Sacred Sexual Massage starts at 6 pm, R800/couple.

Both workshops will be R2500/couple.




We will soon have a new workshop schedule, until then we are available for private lessons and sessions.


A Special Evening of Exploring Sexuality

with Lara and Jonti

Tantra Evolution and Pharaohs Fantasy Club are presenting a special evening for couples wishing to explore their sexuality.

In a safe space, with laughter and fun, we’re going to look at the truth of exploring sensuality, sexuality and eroticism with others.

The first part of the evening is a relaxed discussion. We’ll have a glass of wine, a snack…

We’ll talk about the possibilities, what these experiences may involve, creating safety, communication, exploring fantasies, what happens after, the difference between sensual and sexual experiences etc.

After this you’re welcome to leave, allow what we’ve spoken about to sink in, have a discussion with your partner.

If you’d to stay and begin a gentle exploration of the possibilities, we’re going to guide you through some gentle experiences.

This world can be very exciting. It can also be challenging and scary.

The experiences can add to your relationship or be destructive.

We’d like to help you make a conscious choice from a place of possibility not fear.

We’ll have a date for this soon.

(note ADULT content on following site)




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