Making Mistakes

March 18, 2013 in Sexual Health and Education

Making Mistakes


Why do we find it so hard to forgive in relationships? 

So hard to let go of being right?

So hard to let go of  being wronged?


Lessons are learned in so many ways in our lives, and so often when we make a mistake, a decision that doesn’t serve us, a decision based in fear or anxiety, we travel to a place that is not our true selves.


Yet that place can transform us.


If we let it.


In the beginning of my Tantric journey, I had an experience that I really felt uncomfortable with. 

And for years that experience lived with me as a “mistake”.


Until recently.


I realized how that experience had taught me so much about what not to do with my clients, how to create safety for them in the healing and release space, how to respect others’ boundaries even when they can’t speak them, and how to go slowly with this work.


How to be gentle.


If I’ve learned anything from Jonti, it’s that gentle works deeper, more profoundly, sometimes more slowly, yet with lasting impact.


And what I’ve learned recently is to communicate verbally in the same way, with gentleness. That calm truth brings incredibly deep lasting effects too.


Although I have never struggled to communicate (talking and sharing has always been an easy space for me)  to communicate my really deep fears, wishes, boundaries and desires is often to be so emotionally overwhelmed that I express everything from a place of fear and cease to care about the consequences. 


That’s not gentle.

And it doesn’t work.


Most real and truthful communication is difficult, because its not what we’re taught, not what we’ve had much experience of.


Real sexual communication is on an even deeper level.

When we can’t communicate lovingly about our deepest selves, our sexual selves, it’s almost impossible to be truthful in other communication.


During a breath workshop a while ago, the teacher said something that really stuck with me.

He said that the most destructive lies we ever tell are those that are to “protect someone’s feelings” 

I thought about that a lot. Because it’s really true. We anticipate hurting someone’s feelings by expressing some aspect of ourselves, so we lie. 

We see it as protecting others, when actually it’s destructive for ourselves and others.


We think we know how they are going to react, we base that on the past, whether that’s past relationships, or even past communications with that particular person, and we take responsibility for another’s emotions by changing our truth.


We’ve all done it, those lies when we don’t really want to see someone, or we’re too tired to face family, or…..

Well. We’ve all done it.


And sometimes we would rather lie than tell the truth because we’re afraid of an emotional reaction, an ego sleight.


The truth is no matter what we think, we are not responsible for how someone chooses to feel in any given situation.


I’m not talking about someone being deliberately cruel to hurt another, I’m talking about the times we are afraid to speak our truth “in case” it hurts someone’s feelings, or brings up emotion for them. The times when we lie because we are afraid of the response our truth may invoke.


So, we make mistakes in our relationships, we tell a little lie, we omit to share, we fake orgasm, we have mediocre sex, when we could be telling the truth and going deeper into who we really are, where our relationships can actually go with truth and support. 


We make mistakes.


What I have learned is that the truth spoken in love, calmly, always has a more long term beneficial effect.


The mistakes I have made are nearly always based upon being emotionally overwrought and making decisions in that space.


And the lies I’ve told have nearly always been about “protecting” someone’s feelings, or to avoid their perceived anger.


So, I’m going back to square one, to the root, learning who I am sexually, what I really want from my relationships, and how to really communicate about that, allowing for change, for letting go of old patterns of communication.


Taking this awareness into all relationship, asking for what I would like, being specific, and being ready to honestly accept someone else’s response, whatever that may be.


It’s never too late to acknowledge your mistakes as your teachers, letting them guide you into a different way to do things.


So, I will embrace my mistakes, my teachers.


I will forgive the mistakes I have made in my relationships.


I will let them go, and thank them as the bittersweet teachers that they are…


I am missing Jonti so much already. As this newsletter goes out he will be in the very centre of his Vision Quest in Cape Town, spending four days in the wilderness with 20 litres of water, having an experience, a vision, and certainly a Quest! 

Keep him in your thoughts, love and energy as he has his adventure…


With gentleness, light and laughter

We wish you SO much pleasure…

Jonti & Anne-Marie


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6 responses to Making Mistakes

  1. Thank you, this touched something very profound in me. I even find it hard to forgive mistakes I have made with my children, even years ago. We need to be more forgiving of ourselves and of others.

  2. Wonderful post, thanks for sharing it!

  3. I do not find it difficult to forgive and forget, but I refrain from being caught in the same situation. My mind just blogs out, probably to spare me any more painfull experiences.

    Best is to move on and make the best of what you have, it could have been worse. :-)

  4. You actually constructed many fantastic ideas with ur blog,
    “Making Mistakes”. I may be coming to your site soon enough.

    Many thanks -Bess

  5. Wow, thanks for the article it speaks to me directlt, I am HIV positive and in a relationship with a man who does not know that I am positive. He loves me so dearly I’m scared he is going to leave should I tell the truth about my HIV status. I am very careful when having sexual intercourse, ALWAYS use condoms But I need a way of telling him because keeping it a secret is wrong.

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