Innovative New Medical Mobility Device Saves Time, Money and Space

December 14, 2011 in Health, Medical Equipment, Medicine

Innovative Rolling Walker, Transport Chair Combo Saves Time, Money & Space

As anyone who has ever cared for an elderly patient, family member or friend knows, ensuring safe and efficient transportation for these individuals is perhaps the greatest hindrance to the inclusion of these individuals in both vacations and short, day-to-day outings.

Many such people still have some measure of independence, such as the ability to move about short distances on one’s own with the assistance of a walkerrollator (basically a decked-out rolling walker with a seat, four wheels, a backrest, storage compartment and brakes – they usually come in fancy colors) or walking cane. However, when traveling longer distances, these methods of ambulatory self-transportation become increasingly tedious and time-consuming, as well as decreasingly effective and efficient.

Often times, even for day-to-day outings that require walking longer distances (such as taking a trip to the grocery store), bringing along a transport wheelchair may be more practical than a walker or other self-propelled mobility device. A transport wheelchair is like a traditional wheelchair, only it has four small wheels instead of two large wheels in the back. The significance of this difference is that the person seated in the chair cannot push him or herself by spinning the wheels, as would be the case with a regular wheelchair.

While transport wheelchairs are fantastic for the temporary transport of an individual possessing a less-than-ideal degree of personal mobility, the are far from an end-all solution, and do require the full attention of another person in addition to the one seated in the chair anytime the wheelchair is in motion. While not a huge inconvenience, it is significant enough to make a transport chair limited in its usefulness as a primary means of transportation for individuals with some measure of independence. It also negates and restricts what little independence the user may have, which if serving as a primary method of transport, can be frustrating to users who can still get about by themselves – even if the extent of their personal independence is restricted to short distances.

Thus, when considering a number of different factors of practicality, effectiveness and efficiency in terms of planning an outingTransport Chair/Rollator in Rolling Walker Mode involving an elderly individual or anyone who requires the assistance of a walking aid or other ambulatory product, having to bring along two rather large mobility devices can pose its set of problems. For one, regardless of whether the outing is short and local in nature, or a full-fledged vacation involving air travel, bringing along both a rollator (or walker) and transport wheelchair can be extremely inconvenient, as well as expensive when traveling by air.

With regard to vacations and longer-term travel, car/plane space is limited, and one must factor in that everyone else attending the trip most likely is bringing along a suitcase or other luggage. Seating is limited, and a transport wheelchair by itself takes up the majority if not the entirety of the trunk of a standard-sized sedan. A rollator takes up nearly as much space as a transport chair.

Having to buy both items separately can cost anywhere from $300-$400, and bringing them both on a commercial airplane could cost a small fortune. The take up a lot of space, can be heavy to some individuals, and are generally cumbersome – especially when considering the possibility of having to travel with both items. All of these factors combined can make it difficult if not impossible to include elderly relatives on family vacations, and can make even bringing them along for short outings more trouble than it may be worth, depending upon whose perspective through which one views the matter.

The Drive “Duet” 2-in-1 Transport Chair/Rollator Solves ALL of the Above Problems!

The good news on the horizon is that an innovative new mobility device combines all of the features of BOTH a transport chair AND rollator into one easy-to-use device that weighs less than 20 pounds total. The product is known as the Duet Transport Chair/Rollator. It is manufactured by Drive Medical, and available for purchase online.

Duet Transport Chair/Rollator in Transport ModeConverting the Duet from ambulatory (rollator) mode to transport mode is tool-free and takes less than 30 seconds. One need simply remove the backrest with the push of a button, then move it to the opposite side of the Duet. The next step is to unfold the footrest, which takes 3-5 seconds max. Finally, the armrests fold up, again totaling no more than 5 seconds. That’s all. In less than half-a-minute, you’ve just converted the Duet from being a full featured rollator walker to being a full featured transport wheelchair. To switch it from transport mode back to ambulatory mode, just repeat the same steps detailed in the previous paragraph, only in reverse.

The Duet offers a number of benefits over the purchase and use of both items separately. These include:

  • Weighs Less - The Duet weighs 19 pounds TOTAL. Both transport chairs and rollators routinely exceed this total weight by themselves.
  • Costs Less - At $335.40 (MSRP), the Duet costs less than would a rollator and transport wheelchair bought separately. At only $189.95 (the 2011 price being offered at a popular online medical equipment retailer), it costs a fraction of the cost of both items purchased individually.
  • Saves Space - The Duet folds up neatly, taking up less space than either item would alone.
  • Great for Outings and Vacations Alike - The Duet solves all of the problems outlined above regarding choosing a mobility device to take on a vacation or daily outing, or bringing both along for the ride and/or flight.
  • Offers the Best of Both Worlds for a Fraction of the Price - The Duet is FULL FEATURED, meaning the user of the device need not sacrifice any comfort or functionality, as the product offers ALL of the features of both in one simple item.

3 responses to Innovative New Medical Mobility Device Saves Time, Money and Space

  1. How do I turn comments off?

  2. Raj said on July 26, 2012

    The rollator works good but when we rveeiced it, it had a part missing, albeit, cosmetic, it bothered me that we spent that much money and it not be whole. I called Amazon and we would have to send the whole chair back because they would not call Drive and get the part. Drive will not deal with the public but said that the dealer could get the part from them and send it to me. They would not even try to do that. I think the chair also needs to have a softer seat. My Mother does not have a lot of weight and the chair hurts her backside. Other than that it works good. nkd

  3. Raj, sorry about your experience. Next time shop with EGAN Medical. You certainly can expect to be treated better if you work with EGAN instead of whomever you got the device from.

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