Vulvar Varicosities

April 27, 2013 in Disease, Health, Medicine

Vulvar Varicosities

By: Vitamin Pete

What Are Vulvar Varicosities?

Vulvar Varicosities are a form of varicose veins occurring in the inner thighs and vaginal region in approximately 4% of women. They can be extremely painful, and are a natural source of embarrassment given the region in which they occur, which can lead to many women refraining from even discussing the matter with their respective OBGYN doctors our of shame if for no other reason.

Given the painfulness and swelling that generally occurs with the condition, which typically occurs V2 Supporter for Vulvar Varicositiesduring the course of a pregnancy, this can lead to a feeling of intense pressure and pain. Some women have described this as a feeling that “everything is about to fall out the bottom”.

Most occurrences of vulvar varicosities dissipate on their own after a few months. That said, these can be a couple of extremely painful months if left untreated.

According to the Center for Vein Restoration: When they do not resolve they may cause symptoms of pain, itching, burning, dysparunia, and are perceived by some women as a cosmetic nuisance.

The Center for Vein Restoration adds the following: “Vulvar varicosities may occur as isolated tributary varicosities or may be a sign of underlying pelvic venous insufficiency. They can also be associated with Pelvic Congestion Syndrome (PCS).”

The good news is that unlike excruciatingly painful conditions such as vulvodynia, there are tested-and-prove treatment options available to women suffering from vulvar varicosities. Regardless of whether or not one is pregnant, compression therapy is an effective solution that has brought thousands of women immeasurable relief from this painfully traumatic condition. For women who are pregnant, this should be the first option and course of treatment.

The premiere compression garment available on the market is called a V2 Supporter, made by a Michigan (USA) based company called It’s You Babe, LLC. For pregnant women suffering from this dreadfully unpleasant condition, a V2 Supporter can be purchased online for a nominal fee, and delivered to one’s home within a matter of days (or even overnight if the patient is willing to pay for the shipping).

A ‘minimally invasive’ procedure known as sclerotherapy has brought tremendous relief to countless women who aren’t pregnant. Sclerotherapy involves injecting a liquid or foam into the affected area, then following up with compression therapy, typically also involving a V2 Supporter.

Women with varicose veins in the inner thighs, pubic and vaginal region should consult a doctor as soon as the pain becomes a legitimate disturbance to one’s quality-of-life. If the diagnosis is vulvar varicosities, best practices involve getting a V2 Supporter as soon as possible, and following-up with sclerotherapy then if necessary and if symptoms persist.

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