Stretching your hands to prevent injuries at the computer

January 8, 2013 in Tips and Tricks, workers' compensation, workplace injury

In keeping with this week’s theme of injuries caused as a result of working at a computer all day, here is a post offering tips to keep yourself safe from this silent, but damaging set of injuries.

workers' compensation for hand injuriesOffice jobs are associated with a negligible risk of injury. While the typical office employee’s chances of becoming seriously injured or dying on the job are much lower than those of many other fields, they are at risk for a whole other class of injuries that don’t often occur outside of an office setting, many of which can be tied to sedentary computer use.

Hand, finger, and wrist injuries are among the most common injuries that occur as a result of extended computer use. A great way to prevent these injuries is to stretch your hands, fingers, and wrists. Take a few moments once in a while to give your hands a nice stretch. You’ll find that it helps keep your fingers nice and limber as an added bonus!

Suffering a computer-related hand injury when your job requires you to use a computer all day can have a drastic effect on your ability to maintain your livelihood. Luckily, there are safety nets in place to help employees who have sustained work-related injuries. A workers’ compensation lawyer can help explain more about how to seek and procure the benefits that are available from these safety nets.

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